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  • Samsung DDR5 memory module, 32GB memory module, 4800 Mbps speed, 1.1V voltage, 288Pin memory, M323R4GA3BB0-CQK
  • Samsung DDR5 memory module, 32GB memory module, 4800 Mbps speed, 1.1V voltage, 288Pin memory, M323R4GA3BB0-CQK


M323R4GA3BB0-CQK Samsung DDR5-UDIMM-32GB-2R x 8-4800 Mbps 1.1V-288 (2G x 8) x16
Key Features
This memory module is a DDR5-UDIMM memory module launched by Samsung, with a storage capacity of 32GB. Its working voltage is 1.1V, designed with a 2R x 8 architecture, and can achieve a high-speed transmission rate of 4800 Mbps. The memory module interface type is 288 pin (2G x 8) x16, suitable for most motherboards, and has higher data transmission bandwidth and faster response speed. Overall, this memory module has the characteristics of high speed, large capacity, and low power consumption, making it suitable for computer applications that require higher memory capacity and speed.


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This memory module (M323R4GA3BB0-CQK) is Samsung's latest DDR5-UDIMM memory product, designed and produced with many advantages such as high speed, large capacity, and low power consumption, and is an ideal choice for continuously improving computer processing performance and user experience. Below is a detailed explanation of the performance characteristics of this memory module from the perspectives of storage capacity, transmission rate, voltage, architecture design, interface type, and compatibility.

Firstly, this memory module can store 32GB of data and has a larger storage capacity than regular memory modules. Such a huge storage capacity can provide greatly improved efficiency and convenience for computer users who require a large amount of storage space. For example, when dealing with large databases and complex programming, with the support of 32GB of physical memory, the program can run and process more quickly, and it can also better avoid the occurrence of bad situations such as program crashes when reading and writing large datasets.

Secondly, the transfer rate of this memory module can reach 4800 Mbps, which has a faster data transfer speed. The high-speed transmission speed provides a stable foundation for computer performance. Users can experience smoother, more efficient, and reliable application operations when using this memory module, thereby obtaining more pleasure and satisfaction in daily work and entertainment.

In addition, the voltage of this memory module is 1.1V, which is 15% lower than previous DDR4 memory modules. Low voltage not only improves the efficiency of computer operation, but also reduces energy consumption, saves energy costs, and provides greater possibilities and hope for environmental protection and sustainable development. Another advantage of low voltage is that it reduces the wear and tear of memory modules during use, thereby improving their long-term service life. This is where this product has an advantage over other competitors.

In addition, this memory module adopts a 2R x 8 architecture, which includes 128 integrated circuits. This design structure can balance the load of memory channels, reduce blockages, and improve data transmission speed and smoothness when a large amount of data transmission is required. Especially for businesses or games that often require processing large amounts of data and highly interactive applications, this architecture has an important use improvement for overall performance.

The interface type of the memory module adopts a 288 pin (2G x 8) x16 interface design, which can be perfectly compatible with various mainstream computer motherboard interfaces, and makes this memory module have a wide range of adaptability and scalability. In addition, due to the use of the latest technologies and standards in the interface type of this memory module, it can fully leverage its superior performance level in connecting devices and transmission speed.

Finally, this memory module also provides extensive compatibility, not only with more computer devices and motherboards, but also with numerous operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and more. This provides users with more choices and user experiences, allowing them to fully utilize their capabilities in different application scenarios.

Overall, this memory module (M323R4GA3BB0-CQK) has a novel design, leading technology, excellent performance, large capacity, low power consumption, and wide compatibility. It has certain advantages in data transmission rate, capacity specifications, low power consumption, and data processing efficiency. Therefore, it can be the best choice to meet the needs of high-speed data transmission and large capacity data storage, and also plays an important role in daily use.
Parameter Description
Brand Samsung
Model M323R4GA3BB0-CQK
Specifications DDR5 UDIMM
Capacity 32GB
Frame 2R x 8
Speed 4800 Mbps
Working Voltage 1.1V
Encapsulation 288 pin
Operational Architecture 2G x 8
Memory Layout 16th floor
Supporting Standards JEDEC DDR5 standard
Characteristic Automated temperature control, automated low voltage control, automated power consumption control, and automated switching control
Applicable Scope Mainstream desktop computers and workstations
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