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  • Samsung M391A2G43BB2-CWE, ECC-UDIMM memory module, 16GB-DDR43200Mbps, 1.2V, high-speed computer application.
  • Samsung M391A2G43BB2-CWE, ECC-UDIMM memory module, 16GB-DDR43200Mbps, 1.2V, high-speed computer application.


M391A2G43BB2-CWE, Samsung DDR4, ECCUDIMM, 16GB, 1Rx83200Mbps, 1.2V, 288, (2Gx8) x9
Key Features
M391A2G43BB2-CWE is a 16GB ECC UDIMM DDR4 memory module with built-in 1Rx8 data bit width and a maximum speed of 3200Mbps. This memory module can operate normally at a working voltage of 1.2V, has 288 pins, and is composed of 9 (2Gx8) storage integrations. It has a checksum and error correction (ECC) function, which can perform data validation and error correction on memory, improving system stability and data reliability. In addition, ECCUDIMM is also more suitable for commercial scenarios such as workstations and servers, and can provide more stable and reliable hardware support. It is a cost-effective memory module product.


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M391A2G43BB2-CWE is a high-capacity ECC UDIMM DDR4 memory field that uses Samsung's original memory particles, ensuring high standards of quality and performance. Compared to DDR3 memory, DDR4 has a higher energy efficiency ratio, lower power consumption, superior performance, and provides a faster data transfer rate. This memory module has a frequency of 3200MHz, and its performance has been greatly optimized< Br/>

The capacity of this memory module reaches 16GB, which is sufficient to meet the memory requirements of various large software and running multiple applications. The 1Rx8 memory architecture can meet the storage requirements under higher Memory bandwidth. In addition, M391A2G43BB2-CWE operates in a dual channel mode, effectively improving its transmission rate while balancing power consumption and performance. The memory board adopts a 288 pin design with 9 built-in (2Gx8) storage integrations, thereby improving the overall performance of the memory board< Br/>

The ECC error correction function supported by this memory module can improve system stability and data reliability through checksum error correction. In addition, the memory module also supports Advanced Power Management, which can reduce the energy consumption and heat generation of the system by adjusting parameters such as voltage and timing< Br/>

This memory module uses standard DIMM sockets and is widely compatible with mainstream server, workstation, and other motherboards. In addition, M391A2G43BB2-CWE has been rigorously tested and validated to ensure reliability and stability, while also supporting Samsung's ultra-high noise shielding and temperature regulation requirements, thus ensuring excellent performance in long-term, high load operating environments< Br/>

In conclusion, M391A2G43BB2-CWE is a high-performance and highly reliable DDR4 memory module, which is characterized by high speed, low power consumption, low noise, and high quality, and is widely applicable to traditional servers, High-performance computing, workstations, and other scenarios. Whether it's large-scale virtualization, memory intensive applications, high-speed databases, or high-end applications, this memory can meet the needs of high performance and reliability.
Parameter Specifications
Model M391A2G43BB2-CWE
Type DDR4
Memory Type ECC UDIMM
Capacity 16GB
Data Bit Width 1Rx8
Speed 3200Mbps
Working Voltage 1.2V
Pin Number 288
Storage Integration (2Gx8) x9
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