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Seten shares a server maintenance tutorial on what daily tasks need to be done well

Date:December 2nd,2023 View:114
The server is capable of performing various network operations, including system databases, middleware, and hardware in application systems. It can handle over 80% of the content in computer hard drives and is the backbone of the entire information system. Haoqun Computer believes that server maintenance is highly necessary. Below is a server maintenance tutorial for your reference< Br/>

1、 Sort out the server environment

For specialized server maintenance work, organizing the environment is of course the first step. We need to first systematically calculate the model of each server, and accurately record software and system information. The data should be recorded clearly and labeled. This way, you can immediately understand all the information about the service and also make subsequent work smoother< Br/>

The specific sorting work is as follows:

(1) Sort out the types, versions, and patches of server operating systems< Br/>

(2) Sort out the usage rate of server hard drives< Br/>

(3) Sort out the operation status of the server< Br/>

(4) Sort out the network configuration of the server< Br/>

2、 Check server health

If we can only repair the server when it malfunctions, it will not truly improve and repair the server's resources, and it will only be a patchwork. Therefore, we need to conduct maintenance and prediction in advance< Br/>

Regularly checking the health of servers can fundamentally improve their stability and operational capabilities, which can also provide significant support for the system< Br/>

The specific inspection work is as follows:

1. Check the status of the server power supply< Br/>

2. Check the status of the server fan< Br/>

3. Check the health status of the server's hard drive< Br/>

4. Check the logs of the server system< Br/>

3、 Restore server backups

Due to the abundance of software and system hardware in computer servers, there are many upgrade patches and partition data, which are very important. If lost, it may cause certain applications to fail to function properly< Br/>

Therefore, we need to do some backup work on the server system, so that even if there are some failures and the system needs to be reinstalled, we can still find the corresponding server through backup and restore the normal operation of the system< Br/>

The specific backup recovery work is as follows:

1. Backup the operating system of the server according to user requirements< Br/>

2. Perform server configuration recovery work based on the type of computer< Br/>

3. Restore the operating system of the server according to user requirements< Br/>

Note: In general, to ensure the security and confidentiality of user data, it is recommended that friends provide effective backup media< Br/>

Seten is a trusted server hardware and solution provider in the global digital process Using&quo; Spot goods+agency; Model, quick response, specialized management, and professional and efficient services to assist partners in achieving digital upgrades and winning the new data era. Seten's three main product lines are Samsung SSD, Memory (RDIMM), SOLIDIGM SSD, and Broadcom network products, and it is also NVIDIA Microelectronics? Network product and super fusion XFusion server machine agent.