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  • Samsung M386ABG40M5B-CYF, DDR4-LRDIMM, 256GB, 8Rx42933Mbps, 1.2V, enterprise application, High-performance computing
  • Samsung M386ABG40M5B-CYF, DDR4-LRDIMM, 256GB, 8Rx42933Mbps, 1.2V, enterprise application, High-performance computing


M386ABG40M5B-CYF, Samsung DDR4, LRDIMM, 256GB, 8Rx42933Mbps, 1.2V, 288 (4H3DS16Gx4) x36
Key Features
SEO optimization title: Exploring the performance and application scenarios of Samsung M386ABG40M5B-CYF DDR4 LRDIMM memory modules
SEO optimization content: This article will deeply explore the specifications and performance characteristics of Samsung M386ABG40M5B-CYF DDR4 LRDIMM memory module, including 256GB capacity, 8Rx4 architecture, 2933Mbps transmission rate and 1.2V voltage, as well as the physical design of 288 (4H3DS16Gx4) x36, which supports large-scale enterprise applications and High-performance computing scenarios. At the same time, this article will also analyze and summarize the applicable scenarios to help users understand the best usage scenarios of the product.
SEO optimization keywords: Samsung M386ABG40M5B-CYF, DDR4 LRDIMM, 256GB, 8Rx4, 2933Mbps, 1.2V, enterprise application, High-performance computing


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Samsung M386ABG40M5B-CYF is a high-capacity DDR4 LRDIMM memory module, which can meet the needs of various High-performance computing application scenarios. The memory module adopts Samsung's latest 16Gb DRAM chip, with a capacity of up to 256GB, a speed of up to 2933Mbps, and a power consumption of as low as 1.2V. The architecture is 4H3DS16Gx4 x 36. This memory module adopts Samsung's most advanced 10nm class M 16Gb DRAM technology, utilizes high-density extrusion manufacturing technology to minimize components, and adopts a highly integrated architecture, achieving a perfect combination of extremely high speed and high capacity

The memory module is also equipped with a highly optimized physical design to ensure its high stability and reliability during data transmission, operation, and operation. Its 208 pin interface and DIMM slot socket are carefully designed, effectively improving the convenience of installing, plugging, and maintaining memory modules

In terms of application scenarios, the M386ABG40M5B-CYF memory module is very flexible and diverse. Its high speed, high capacity and stability make it outstanding in Big data centers, virtualized servers, High-performance computing, AI/machine learning, deep learning, media processing and other high data processing application scenarios. For example, in the financial industry, the M386ABG40M5B-CYF memory module can handle a rapidly growing amount of financial and transaction data, greatly improving the speed and accuracy of financial institution decision-making. In the healthcare industry, this memory module can process Medical imaging data, Drug development data and other large-scale data, which is expected to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare decisions

In short, the Samsung M386ABG40M5B-CYF is an efficient and high-capacity memory module that is not only stable and fast when working. This memory module has been widely used by many enterprises and various organizations. Whether you are an enterprise that needs to meet a large amount of data processing needs, maintain a competitive position in the market, or use high-speed and stable workstations for professional media processing, this memory module is a good choice. If you are looking for ultra high performance and high-quality memory modules, M386ABG40M5B-CYF is definitely one of your top choices.
Brand Samsung
Model M386ABG40M5B-CYF
Type DDR4
Capacity 256GB
Architecture 8Rx4
Speed 2933Mbps
Voltage 1.2V
Interface LRDIMM
Pin Count 288
Layered Specifications 4H3DS16Gx4 x 36
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