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Ethernet has doubled its performance from 400G to 800G, once again accelerating enterprise data center business.

NVIDIA Spectrum, SN5000 series switches

NVIDIA Spectrum™ The SN5000 series switch is the fifth generation Spectrum Ethernet switch designed to accelerate data center architecture. The port speeds of the SN5000 series switches range from 10GbE to 800GbE, providing accelerated Ethernet for each data center without affecting performance and feature set.
 The SN5000 series is an ideal choice for implementing cloud scale infrastructure for data centers of all sizes. The SN5000 switch system provides high performance, consistent low latency, and supports advanced data center network capabilities, making it an ideal choice for cloud and end-to-end data center architectures

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&Nbsp; The SN5000 series is supported by NVIDIA Spectram-4 ASIC, with dynamic, flexible shared buffers and predictable performance. The SN5000 switch is designed to accelerate cloud computing and provide support for NVIDIA platforms, including NVIDIA EGX™, NVIDIA DGX™, NVIDIA HGX™, and NVIDIA OVX™, as well as AI tools such as NVIDIA AI Enterprise and NVIDIA LaunchPad.
&Nbsp; As part of the Spectrum platform, the SN5000 system has been pre tested and pre validated using NVIDIA's complete Ethernet technology product line, including NVIDIA® BlueField® DPU (Data Processing Unit), ConnectX& SmartNIC (Smart Network Card) and LinkX® Cable products. Although each product is fully compatible with the standard Ethernet device architecture, an end-to-end switch to host solution is crucial for supporting accelerated workloads, providing the high-performance and innovative features required for large-scale enhancement of cloud native applications& Nbsp< Br/>

Flexible and high-performance configuration;
The SN5000 platform has a bidirectional switching capacity of 51.2 Tb/s and offers multiple configurations, each offering high-performance and feature rich Layer 2 and Layer 3 forwarding, making it ideal for Leaf and Spine switches and replacing modular chassis switches. The SN5000 switch provides full line speed performance and ultra-low through latency, achieving fair and predictable performance with a fully shared 160 MB packet buffer. By combining the low latency of the Spectraum-4 ASIC with the large number of switch ports in the SN5000 system, thousands of hosts can be connected in a two-layer architecture while maintaining extremely low port to port latency. The NVIDIA SN5000 series has added extensive innovations in programmability, telemetry, and tunneling to meet the complex needs of today's data centers.
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The SN5600 Smart Leaf/Spine/Super Spine switch offers 64 800GbE ports in a dense 2U form factor. SN5600 is an ideal choice for accelerating Ethernet deployment, supporting standard leaf/ridge designs using ToR switches and EoR topologies. SN5600 provides multiple connections ranging from 1 to 800GbE, with a total throughput of up to 51. 2Tb/s, in a leading position in the industry.
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High availability;
The SN5000 series switches are designed with the following hardware and software features to achieve high availability:;
≫ 1+1 hot swappable power supply and N+1 hot swappable fan;
≫ Color coded power supply units (PSUs) and fans
&Nbsp& Gt; Ethernet VPN (EVPN) multi home
&Nbsp& Gt; Multi Chassis Link Aggregation (LAG) for Active/Active Layer 2 Multipath;
≫ Hardware Assisted Services Software Upgrade (ISSU);
≫ 256 equivalent multipath (ECMP) routing for load balancing and redundancy

Platform Security;
The SN5000 series switch provides a complete security suite at all switch layers. From the basic input/output system (BIOS) to the operating system (NOS), hardware, firmware, and software are all authenticated through built-in trust roots.
SN5000 operating system;
There are two factory versions of SN5000 series switches available:;
≫ Pre installed revolutionary NOS NVIDIA Cumulus® Linux brings the Linux user experience from servers to switches and provides rich routing capabilities for large-scale applications.
&Nbsp& Gt; Bare metal includes an Open Installation Environment (ONIE) image, which can be installed with any operating system that has ONIE installed. The platform based on ONIE leverages the advantages of openness and Spectram-4 ASIC functionality< Br/>

NVIDIA Cumulus Linux
NVIDIA Cumulus Linux is a powerful open operating system that can be used in large data centers worldwide to achieve advanced automation, customization, and scalability with enhanced Web Scale principles. Cumulus Linux is specifically designed for building data centers and is perfect for meeting different business needs. It is an open NOS that can build economical and efficient operations like large global data center operators, unlocking Web Scale for enterprises of all sizes< Br/>

SONiC is designed specifically for ultra large scale cloud service providers, service providers, and enterprises. It is a completely open source and hardware independent NOS that is perfect for preventing dependence on suppliers and is also an ideal choice for next-generation data centers. The containerized design of SONiC gives it flexibility and customizability, allowing customers to combine and manage SONiC and non SONiC switches within the same architecture. NVIDIA's Pure SONIC product eliminates distribution restrictions, allowing businesses to fully leverage the advantages of openness while adding NVIDIA expertise and support to ensure success. As a member of the SONIC Management Committee and Technical Guidance Committee, NVIDIA is honored to guide the development direction of SONIC. All SN5000 switch systems fully support Pure SONiC.