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  • Samsung memory module, M393A2K40CB2-CVF, DDR4, high-speed, stable, Servermemory, 1Rx4,16GB, 2933Mbps, low power consumption, low voltage
  • Samsung memory module, M393A2K40CB2-CVF, DDR4, high-speed, stable, Servermemory, 1Rx4,16GB, 2933Mbps, low power consumption, low voltage


M393A2K40CB2-CVF, Samsung DDR4, RDIMM, 16GB, 1RX42933Mbps, 1.2V, 288 (2Gx4) x18
Key Features
The DDR4 memory module from Samsung has stable and reliable performance.
RDIMM module design is applicable to High-performance computing application scenarios such as servers and workstations.
A storage capacity of 16GB meets the needs of computing tasks.
The 1RX4 architecture means that memory modules perform better when reading large amounts of data.
High speed operation, with a speed of 2933Mbps, providing excellent working performance.
Low voltage operation requires only 1.2V voltage, which helps to reduce power consumption and heat generation.
The design of 288 pins adopts a (2Gx4) x18 arrangement, which can better match the motherboard and CPU, improving system operation efficiency.


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In this data overview, we will introduce Samsung's DDR4 RDIMM Memory module M393A2K40CB2-CVF, which is a high-performance Memory module with a capacity of 16GB and a speed of 2933Mbps. This Memory module adopts 1Rx4 architecture, working voltage is 1.2V, and has a standard 288 pin socket interface

Compared with the DDR3 Memory module, the DDR4 Memory module uses higher frequency and lower voltage, which makes it have higher performance and lower power consumption. In addition, the DDR4 Memory module also introduces some new technologies, such as 4Bit Pseudo Differential Signaling (PDS) and DBI (Data Bus Inversion), to improve the reliability and speed of data transmission

Compared with other DDR4 Memory module, M393A2K40CB2-CVF has larger memory capacity and faster memory speed, which makes it particularly suitable for High-performance computing, Big data analysis and other applications requiring high-performance memory support. In addition, this Memory module also uses Samsung's unique 3D packaging technology, which can improve the thermal performance and stability of the Memory module

When using the M393A2K40CB2-CVF Memory module, we also need to consider an important factor, that is, the compatibility of the Memory module. This Memory module has passed strict compatibility tests and can be compatible with most mainstream server and workstation platforms. However, please note that when using this Memory module, you must ensure compatibility between the motherboard and the processor

In general, M393A2K40CB2-CVF Memory module is a DDR4 Memory module with excellent performance and stability, especially suitable for application scenarios such as High-performance computing and Big data analysis. Please ensure compatibility when using and choose the appropriate memory capacity and speed according to actual needs.
Model M393A2K40CB2-CVF
Memory Type DDR4
Capacity 16GB
Architecture 1Rx4
Selected Chips Yes
Chipset Samsung B-Die E-Die
Frequency 2933MHz
Working Voltage 1.2V
Number of Ranks 1R
Chip Configuration 2Gx4
SPD Description JEDEC DDR4-2933
SPD Frequency 2133MHz
SPD Voltage 1.2V
Rank Description 1Rx4
CAS Delay CL 21
TRCD Delay TRCD 21
TRP Delay TRP 21
Electrical Signal Unbuffered
Lifespan Extended Industrial Grade
Application Data center, server, high-performance computer
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