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How can Seten teach you how to choose a solid-state drive? Common sense of purchasing

Date:January 22nd,2024 View:170
Nowadays, the field of solid-state drives is diverse and diverse, with various brands emerging one after another. From a technical perspective, many small brands use cache and particles that are inferior to good, using unequal consumer information to deceive consumers. As ordinary consumers, how should we choose solid-state drives? Today, I will introduce to you the common sense of purchasing solid-state drives.
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1、 Look at brand selection

&Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp; In just a few years, solid-state drives have produced countless brands, but there are very few brands that can meet consumer needs. So when choosing solid-state drives, it's worth choosing some big brand solid-state drives. Large brand products have a long warranty period and good after-sales service, so it is recommended that you purchase large brand solid-state drive products< Br/>

2、 Original factory particles are the most important< Br/>

Although solid-state drives have a high technical threshold, their structure is very simple, mainly composed of a main controller, PCB, and flash memory particles. When using USB drives, we may find that some write very quickly while others write slowly, which is closely related to the chip. The principle of solid-state drives is the same as that of USB drives. The cost of flash memory chips determines the price of solid-state drives, and some small manufacturers often choose cheap chips to reduce the cost of flash memory chips< Br/>

This type of particle is not a problem in the short term, but it can cause problems during long-term use, such as a decrease in speed, sudden inability to use, or loss of data. If your computer frequently stores important information, it is even more important to pay attention. It is best not to save money on hard drives, as losing data is not worth the loss< Br/>

Solid state drives generally use MLC or TLC particles, with the former having more than 3000 erasures and a hard drive lifespan of 5-10 years. The latter only has about 500 erasures, and its lifespan and speed are not as good as MLC particles, but it is relatively cheaper. Another type is SLC particles, a more advanced particle commonly used in enterprise grade products, with over 100000 erasures and a longer lifespan. Therefore, the price is also relatively high. It is recommended that when choosing a solid-state drive, you purchase a solid-state drive manufacturer with the ability to independently produce flash memory particles< Br/>

3、 The lifespan of an SSD hard drive depends on the firmware and control algorithm of the solid-state drive, which may not be understood by ordinary people. In fact, this is the core of SSD. The same flash memory particles, different firmware and controllers will achieve different read and write speeds and service life. A solid-state drive with a 60% impact of particles on performance, 20% for the main controller, and 20% for the firmware. Samsung, Magnum, Intel, Xishu, Toshiba, their main controllers are all doing well< Br/>

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