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Organize relevant introductions on how to distinguish hard disk interface protocols Answer

Date:April 11th,2024 View:135
How to identify solid-state drive protocols? The editor has compiled relevant explanations on how to distinguish hard drive interface protocols. Let's take a look together.
The hard disk interface protocol can be distinguished by interface type and transmission rate. Common interface types include SATA, IDE, SCSI, and SAS, each with its own specific interface standards and socket shapes.
In terms of transmission speed, SATA interfaces usually have different speed versions, such as SATA I, SATA II, and SATA III, while SCSI and SAS interfaces have different transmission speed standards. Therefore, by identifying the interface type and transmission rate, hard disk interface protocols can be distinguished.
The hard disk interface protocol can be distinguished through the following aspects:
Interface type: Hard disk interfaces include SATA, SAS, M.2, and other types, each with a different appearance and size. The protocol type can be determined by observing the shape and size of the hard disk interface. For example, the SATA interface adopts the SATA bus and supports both AHCI and NVMe protocols; The SAS interface adopts the SAS bus and also supports two protocols: AHCI and NVMe; M. The 2-interface supports SATA bus and PCIe bus, corresponding to AHCI and NVMe protocols, respectively.
Transmission Protocol: The transmission protocols for hard disk interfaces include AHCI and NVMe. AHCI is a Serial ATA Advanced Host Controller Interface/Serial Attached SCSI that enables communication with SATA hard drives; NVMe is an SSD protocol based on the PCIe bus, which can achieve higher transmission speeds and lower latency.
Transmission speed: The transmission speed of hard disk interfaces varies with different protocols. For example, the transmission speed of SATA interfaces is usually 6Gbps, while the transmission speed of SAS interfaces can reach 12Gbps; M. The transmission speed of the 2 interface varies according to the protocol used. For example, the transmission speed is 6Gbps when using the SATA bus, and 10Gbps or 20Gbps when using the PCIe bus.
In summary, distinguishing hard disk interface protocols requires observing multiple aspects such as interface type, transmission protocol, and transmission speed. After comprehensive judgment, the type of hard disk interface protocol can be determined.