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  • Samsung DDR4 memory module, large capacity, high-speed transmission, low voltage, energy saving, workstation, server, M378A5244CB0-CVF, 4GB, 1Rx162933Mbps, 288512Mx16x4.
  • Samsung DDR4 memory module, large capacity, high-speed transmission, low voltage, energy saving, workstation, server, M378A5244CB0-CVF, 4GB, 1Rx162933Mbps, 288512Mx16x4.


M378A5244CB0-CVF Samsung DDR4-UDIMM-4GB-1Rx16-2933Mbps 1.2 V-288 (512Mx16) x4
Key Features
Reliable brand reputation: Samsung is a globally renowned brand in the semiconductor field, renowned for its high quality and stability.
Multi scene adaptation: It can be widely used in various devices and scenarios such as workstations, servers, gaming PCs, etc., always maintaining excellent performance and response speed.
High speed transmission: The memory speed is 2933Mbps, fully meeting the needs of high-performance computing, with faster read and write speeds.
Large Single Root Capacity: 4GB of large capacity can be used as a single root, without wasting performance or power consumption, making it more flexible and versatile.
Low voltage design: 1.2V low voltage design, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, suitable for long-term stable operation.
Stable and reliable: The combination of 512Mx16x4 memory particles improves transmission stability and data reliability. At the same time, this memory module has also passed multiple strict tests and certifications to ensure the quality and reliability of the product.
In summary, M378A5244CB0-CVF is a high-performance and reliable Samsung DDR4 memory module suitable for various scenarios and devices, perfectly meeting your memory speed, stability, and capacity needs.


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Samsung's M378A5244CB0-CVF DDR4 memory module is a high-performance and high-speed storage device, which is mainly applicable to workstations, servers and other Mainframe computer systems. This memory module has multiple outstanding features and technical specifications, which can meet various computer needs.
Firstly, the M378A5244CB0-CVF memory module has a large capacity of 4GB and can store a large amount of data and programs, ensuring the efficient operation of the computer. It adopts a DDR4 memory architecture of 1Rx16, which has the ability of high-speed transmission and fast response, which can improve the performance and speed of the computer, allowing users to use the computer more smoothly and freely.
Secondly, the M378A5244CB0-CVF memory module has fast data transfer speed. It can transmit data at a speed of 2933Mbps per second, greatly improving the data transmission efficiency of the computer and reducing waiting time. In addition, this Memory module adopts a low voltage design of 1.2V, which can save energy and reduce heat, make the computer more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and reduce electricity costs.
In addition, the M378A5244CB0-CVF memory module adopts high-quality DRAM chips and advanced technology manufacturing processes, which have excellent stability and reliability. After strict testing and quality control, it can maintain efficient and stable performance in long-term operation, effectively prevent data loss, Data corruption and other problems, and ensure data security.
Finally, the M378A5244CB0-CVF memory module is easy to use and supports Plug and Play functions, making it easy for users to install and use. And its standard 288 pin interface is compatible with various existing computer systems and motherboards, balancing compatibility and performance requirements.
Overall, M378A5244CB0-CVF is a DDR4 memory module with excellent performance, stability, reliability, large capacity, and fast speed, which contains advanced manufacturing processes, quality control, and technical support. If you are looking for high-performance Memory module, M378A5244CB0-CVF is a good choice to meet your various computing needs.
Product model
technical specifications
Memory type
Memory capacity
Storage architecture
1.2 V
Interface type
two hundred and eighty-eight
Chip Construction
(512Mx16) x4
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