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HK.STES focus on  trusted provider of server hardware and solutions in the global digitalization process. They operate with a "stock + agency" model, enabling quick response and specialized management to assist partners in achieving digital upgrades and excelling in the new era of data. HK.STES focus on  three main product lines: Samsung SSD, Memory (RDIMM), SOLIDIGM SSD, and Broadcom network products. They are also an authorized distributor for NVIDIA Mellanox network products and XFUSION servers. With the philosophy of "stock + agency," HK.STES ensures timely replenishment of stock from both the factory and agency when there is a shortage in the market, guaranteeing product and service delivery to customers. The "stock" aspect ensures real-time delivery, addressing small to medium batch orders and urgent material needs, while the "agency&q...
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  • 2023-12-05

    Seten: The demand for fiber optic network cards increases social vitality

    Recently, ChatGPT has become a sensation on the internet. ChatGPT (full name: Chat Generative Pre trained Transformer) is a natural language processing tool driven by artificial intelligence technology, newly launched by OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research laboratory in the United States

  • 2023-12-05

    The importance of enterprise network security and why it is necessary to build a secure enterprise network

    In today's technology driven business environment, a reliable and efficient enterprise network is crucial for the success of small and medium-sized enterprises. With the increasing demand for data intensive applications and the rapid development of network technology, enterprises must build faster and more secure networks to ensure the safe and stable operation of their businesses. This article focuses on the increasingly severe challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprise networks, as well as how to build faster and more secure enterprise networks with the help of Guangrun Tong (GRT) enterprise network solutions. In the process of managing the network of small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprises will face increasing challenges, as follows:

  • 2023-12-04

    Seten: What are the six factors that affect the transmission distance of optical modules

    With the continuous maturity of communication industry technology, the distance of fiber optic network transmission is also gradually extended. Do you know what factors affect the transmission distance of optical modules?