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Company Profile

Company Profile

HK STES TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED stands as a leading authorized distributor in the global server hardware domain, specializing in cutting-edge, high-performance solutions. Our unique operational approach, the "Spot + Proxy" model, is tailored to focus on renowned brands such as xfusion, SAMSUNG, SOLIDIGM, Broadcom, and NVIDIA-Mellanox. Our product range encompasses servers, SSDs, memory modules, network cards, RAID cards, and switches.

Adhering to the "Spot + Proxy" philosophy, we ensure seamless and flexible supply chain dynamics. In times of material scarcity, we swiftly replenish inventory directly from the original factory and authorized agents, addressing the demands of small to medium-sized orders with ultra-short delivery timelines. With a decade of unwavering commitment to excellence, STES has consistently garnered acclaim and trust from an extensive network of partners across China, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and notably, Russia.

Our professional prowess in the server hardware industry is underscored by our dedication to providing top-tier products and services. STES stands as a beacon of reliability, recognized for its global impact and particularly esteemed reputation within the Russian market.

Our Advantages

High Quality Service

High Quality Service

Ensure the delivery of customer products and services.

'Spot' ensures real-time delivery and flexibly solves the material needs of small and medium-sized batches and ultra short delivery times;

The "agent" ensures that the technical issues of the customer project from the initial research and development introduction to the delivery process are guided by the original factory, and FAE follows up throughout the entire process. Therefore, regardless of whether customers purchase in bulk or in bulk, whether it is urgent needs or later planning, the "spot+agent" model can meet all requirements.

The company utilizes an ERP system to efficiently manage the purchase, sale, and storage of products. Implement strict inspection and receiving standards, ensure traceability of goods, use unique static safety packaging when leaving the warehouse to avoid any impact on the product during transportation, and use clear product identification to enable customers to quickly understand the quantity and specifications of incoming materials.

Nowadays, Seten has become a highly influential server and accessory hardware supplier in the industry, with continuous growth in sales. The company's leading storage and network product solutions have also been widely applied in various industries.

In the future, Saitern will also continue to serve every customer with "spot, timely, efficient and sincere", lead digital hardware innovation, help enterprises with Digital transformation, and become the most trusted server hardware supply chain solution provider in the global digital process.
More than ten years of persistence
Won a good industry reputation