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  • LSI-9500-8e, storage adapter, data center, cloud computing, virtualization, storage network, PCIe 3.0, SAS12Gb/s, RAID, data protection, fault tolerance, multiple operating systems, management software, integration.
  • LSI-9500-8e, storage adapter, data center, cloud computing, virtualization, storage network, PCIe 3.0, SAS12Gb/s, RAID, data protection, fault tolerance, multiple operating systems, management software, integration.


Broadcom HBA 9500-8e the third mock examination storage adapter PCIe Gen 4.0 HBA enables customers to integrate UBM into the U.3 backplane for maximum flexibility and configuration options
Key Features
With 3808 external ports, the 9500-8e the third mock examination PCIe Gen4 HBA is an ideal choice for enhancing connectivity and maximizing performance in enterprise data. The HBA adopts SAS 8 x4, Gen4 I/O controllers (IOC), which is part of the industry's first HBA series to provide both PCIe Gen4 hosts and PCIe Gen storage interfaces.
Compared to previous generations of products, the 9500-8e adapter has higher bandwidth and IOPS performance, providing the performance and scalability required for critical applications.
Up to 1024 SAS/SATA devices or 32 NVMe devices can be connected
Provide maximum connectivity and performance for high-end servers and applications
Utilizing PCIe ® 4.0 Connected Bandwidth Support for Critical Applications
Universal Shelf Management (UBM) Ready


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The LSI 9500-8e is a high-quality storage adapter that provides excellent performance and leads the development of storage technology. It provides a powerful storage solution for modern enterprise data centers. As a storage controller with advanced technology and scalability, the LSI 9500-8e can achieve higher storage throughput and faster data transmission speed, making it a rare storage adapter.

Representing the forefront of storage technology, the LSI 9500-8e storage adapter uses the latest PCIe 3.0 interface, creating an unparalleled foundation for high-speed data transmission. With its outstanding performance, enterprises can improve their work efficiency, improve the overall efficiency and flexibility of their IT infrastructure.
The LSI 9500-8e also has excellent scalability and is suitable for various storage application scenarios. It can provide storage adapter functionality for servers with 16 card slots, with 8 external SAS/SATA ports for connecting storage arrays separate from the server or directly connected external storage devices. In addition, the storage adapter can be suitable for various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and VMware.

The LSI 9500-8e fully utilizes the PCIe 3.0 interface, enabling it to provide optimal performance through a unique Fusion-MPT architecture based technology, effectively meeting the data center's data storage needs. This storage adapter not only has excellent data transmission speed and data access efficiency, but also is energy-efficient and consumes less energy, in line with the enterprise's energy-saving and environmental protection principles.

In general, the LSI 9500-8e storage adapter is a powerful high-end product with excellent performance. It uses the latest storage technology. It is progressiveness in both performance and scalability, and can be applied to a variety of operating systems, covering most storage application scenarios. If you are looking for storage adapters with high performance, excellent scalability, and flexible adaptability, the LSI 9500-8e is undoubtedly your best choice.
Parameter Value
Product Model 9500-8e
Host Bus Type x8 channel PCIe 4.0
Physical Dimensions 6.600in x 2.712in
Device Support SAS/SATA: 1024, NVMe: 32
External Connectors 2 x4 SFF-8644 (External Hard Drive)
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 55°C
Operating Voltage +12V +/-8%, 3.3V +/-9%
Supported OS Microsoft Windows, Linux, VMware
I/O Controller SAS3808
Operating Humidity Range 20% to 80% non-condensing
Bracket Type Full-height and Low Profile
Certifications Australia/New Zealand (AS/NZS CISPR 22), Canada (ICES-003 Class B), European (EN55022/EN55024), Japan (VCCI V-3), Korea (RRA no 2013-24 & 25), RoHS, Safety: EN/IEC/UL 60950, Taiwan (CNS 13438), USA (FCC 47 CFR Part 15 Subpart B, Class B), WEEE
Warranty Three years, free technical support, advanced replacement options available at broadcom.com/support/warranty/internal-raid-hba
Management Software LSI Storage Authority (LSA), StorCLI (Command Line Interface), HII (UEFI Human Interface Infrastructure)