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  • Samsung, DDR4, M378A1K43EB2-CWE, UDIMM, 8GB, 3200Mbps, stable, low voltage, 1Rx8
  • Samsung, DDR4, M378A1K43EB2-CWE, UDIMM, 8GB, 3200Mbps, stable, low voltage, 1Rx8


M378A1K43EB2-CWE, Samsung DDR4, UDIMM, 8GB, 1Rx83200Mbps, 1.2V, 288, (1Gx8) x8
Key Features
The full name of this memory is SAMSUNG M378A1K43EB2-CWE, which is an 8GB DDR4 memory module.
This memory module uses Unbuffered DIMMs (non buffered memory), commonly used in home computers, gaming computers, and small servers.
The working voltage of the memory module is 1.2V, which is better compatible with the sixth generation Intel Core processor.
The capacity of a single chip in a memory module is 1Gx8, with a total of 8 such chipsets forming cost memory modules.
The memory module adopts the DDR4 standard, with a transfer rate of up to 3200Mbps, which can provide users with better performance and response speed.
This memory module has 288 pins and can be quickly installed and stably operated on the compatible motherboard.


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M378A1K43EB2-CWE is a DDR4 memory module produced by Samsung, with a large capacity of 8GB, a transmission rate of 3200Mbps, and a working voltage of 1.2V. It also supports a 1Rx8 organizational structure and necessary UDIMM packaging. It is an excellent memory module that can be used in various system environments. Below is a detailed introduction to this memory module from the following aspects:

1. Large capacity

The M378A1K43EB2-CWE memory module has a capacity of 8GB, which is sufficient to handle most of the memory requirements of modern computers. Whether in games or daily work environments, this memory module is sufficient to meet the needs of most users< Br/>

2. High speed transmission

The transfer rate of this memory module is 3200Mbps, which is much higher than the rate of DDR3 memory modules. This rate is one of the capabilities of DDR4 memory modules, which can transmit data to the CPU faster, improving the response speed and operational efficiency of the computer. In addition, due to its single channel structure, the memory module has higher compatibility with high-speed frequency CPUs< Br/>

3. Low operating voltage

The M378A1K43EB2-CWE memory module uses a 1.2V working voltage, which is more energy-efficient than the 1.5V voltage of the DDR3 memory module. This means that the memory module is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, while also better compatible with low-power CPUs, bringing long-lasting and stable energy to your computer< Br/>

4. UDIMM packaging

This memory module adopts UDIMM packaging and can be used on non server computers and desktops. Due to its uncached memory, UDIMM has low latency, more stable transmission rate, and better responsiveness to instructions issued by the computer< Br/>

5. (1Gx8) x8 composition

The memory module adopts a (1Gx8) x8 chip composition structure. With 8 chips, more bandwidth and performance can be obtained, and high-speed Memory controller is supported. In addition, the memory module supports a memory organization structure of 1Rx8, which means it has better compatibility and can better support more motherboards and processors, thus meeting more complex and strict computing requirements< Br/>

In summary, M378A1K43EB2-CWE is a powerful, high-speed transmission, and highly compatible DDR4 memory module. It has a very good performance in improving computer response speed, improving energy efficiency, and promoting cost-effectiveness. If you are a computer user who needs a stable, reliable, and efficient memory module, then M378A1K43EB2-CWE is highly likely to become your best choice.
Characteristic Description
Brand Samsung DDR4 memory module
Packaging Type UDIMM
Capacity 8GB
Transmission Speed 3200Mbps
Working Voltage 1.2V
Pin Count 288
Organization Structure (1Gx8) x8
Storage Type 1Rx8
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