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  • M378A2G43AB3-CWE, Samsung DDR4 memory module, 16GB, 3200Mbps, 1.2V, 1Rx8288 (2Gx8) x8
  • M378A2G43AB3-CWE, Samsung DDR4 memory module, 16GB, 3200Mbps, 1.2V, 1Rx8288 (2Gx8) x8


M378A2G43AB3-CWE, Samsung DDR4, UDIMM, 16GB, 1Rx83200Mbps, 1.2V, 288 (2Gx8) x8
Key Features
This Samsung DDR4 memory module M378A2G43AB3-CWE is a giant among memory modules! It adopts UDIMM design, with a capacity of up to 16GB and a speed of up to 3200Mbps. It supports a 1Rx8 architecture, uses a 1.2V voltage, and has 288 pins. The unique 288 (2Gx8) x8 design makes it the first choice for professional applications and High-performance computing. Not only that, the memory module also has high reliability and stability, which can meet the needs of users who have strict requirements for system stability, application response speed, and multi task execution efficiency. Especially in the highly demanding tasks such as Big data processing, video editing, game operation and scientific computing, it can give full play to its super performance and keep your computer system at the highest speed and stability.


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The M378A2G43AB3-CWE is a high-performance Samsung DDR4 memory module that supports the UDIMM architecture and has a 16GB memory capacity, 3200Mbps impressive speed, 1.2V low voltage, and a 288 (2Gx8) x8 aggressive core design. This memory module provides users with excellent speed, reliability and faster and more efficient Computer multitasking capability. Running high-density, high-load professional applications, editing videos, processing large and complex documents, and playing high-performance games will all be effortless< Br/>

The high-speed stability of this memory module is supported by the unique 288 (2Gx8) x8 design, which is why it is the first choice for professional applications and High-performance computing. In this design, each kernel has 8 2G bit storage units, including 8 independent kernel units, each consisting of 8 storage units. Each kernel unit contains 2GB of capacity and adopts independent data channels to increase data throughput and improve computing speed. At the same time, the memory module adopts a highly optimized chip layout to achieve optimal data flow and memory access, thereby achieving faster read and write speeds< Br/>

In addition, the rate performance of this memory module is also a reason for its popularity. The high speed of 3200Mbps makes it occupy a place in High-performance computing. It can quickly load applications, files, and games, while also reading and writing data faster, thereby improving the user experience. The comprehensive improvement of high-speed stability and speed performance ultimately makes this memory module an essential High-performance computing tool in professional mapping, scientific computing, engineering data analysis and other fields< Br/>

Finally, the memory module also supports a single channel 1Rx8 architecture, providing more load capacity. Its low voltage design of 1.2V ensures stable operation even under high and heavy loads. In addition, the memory module also supports the use of MULTI-RANK DIMM or ECC functions, which makes it more advantageous than other memory modules in application scenarios such as rack mounted servers, workstations, and data centers< Br/>

In summary, the high performance, reliability, and stability of the M378A2G43AB3-CWE Samsung DDR4 memory module, as well as its support for demanding calculations and tasks, make it an indispensable tool in the fields of professional applications and scientific computing.
Parameter Description
Model M378A2G43AB3-CWE
Architecture UDIMM
Capacity 16GB
Memory Series DDR4
Ranks 1Rx8
Frequency 3200MHz
Voltage 1.2V
Number of Pins 288
Memory Storage Chip 2G x 8
Number of Memory Particles Eight
Memory Channel Type Dual Channel
CAS Delay CL22
Size 133.35mm x 31.25mm x 7.35mm
Working Temperature 0° C~85° C
Storage Temperature -55° C~100° C
Packaging Type 288 Pin DIMM Grid Array Technology (GA)
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