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  • Broadcom MegaRAID-SAS-9286CV-8e, horizontal scaling, external storage, data protection, SAS-RAID, RAID cascading, hot backup, automatic reconstruction, fault alarm, data security, reliability, enterprise level applications.
  • Broadcom MegaRAID-SAS-9286CV-8e, horizontal scaling, external storage, data protection, SAS-RAID, RAID cascading, hot backup, automatic reconstruction, fault alarm, data security, reliability, enterprise level applications.


Broadcom MegaRAID SAS 9286CV-8e scales external storage while maximizing data protection
Key Features
main features
6 external Gb/s SATA+SAS ports
Two small SAS external connectors (SFF8088)
LSI SAS 2208 Dual Core 6Gb/s ROC
X2 800MHz PowerPC processor
PCI Express 3.0 host interface
1GB DDRIII cache
RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, and 60
MegaRAID CacheVault Flash Cache includes protection
Main advantages
Unmatched RAID performance
External JBOD expansion, up to 240 3Gb/s and 6Gb/s SATA and SAS hard disk drives or Solid-state drive
Compatible with 6Gb/s SAS switches
Including cache library technology for more environmentally friendly and lower total cost cache protection
Support for advanced software options


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Delivering unparalleled RAID performance for next-generation servers and storage
Today's data center, cloud and High-performance computing environment not only need to increase storage capacity to process large amounts of data, but also face the challenge of protection and deliver data as soon as possible to meet the needs of applications and end users. To address these performance requirements as capacity expands, Botong's latest 6Gb/s SAS RAID controller provides intelligent performance, enterprise RAID data protection, and validated interoperability with the latest server platform based on the PCI Express 3.0 specification. MegaRAID SAS 9286CV-8e has eight external ports and can provide two 800MHz PowerPC processors. 1-bit DDRIII interface for kernel and driver 72GB cache. Provided by LSI SAS 2208 to support dual core ROC, the 9286CV-8e controller includes the latest PCI Express 3.0 and 6Gb/s SAS technology, designed to use high-performance SAS to configure external storage chassis hard drives, high-capacity SATA hard drives, or application acceleration SSDs, or to build more complex configurations using Broadcom 6Gb/s SAS switch products.
MegaRAID CacheVault technology
MegaRAID CacheVault flash protection uses NAND Wuni, which is powered by a super large statistical device, to help protect data stored in the cache memory of the MegaRAID controller. This module does not require the use of traditional lithium-ion battery PCI RAID controllers used to protect DRAM cache. The RAID controller automatically writes data from the cache to the storage in the event of a power failure in the flash memory, while the supercapacitor is in the process. When the power is restored, DRAM will be restored from flash memory and the system will continue to operate without losing data. The benefits of this technology are the elimination of hardware and LiON battery related maintenance, a reduction in total cost of ownership throughout the entire lifecycle of the adapter, and more environmentally friendly cache protection.
Support for advanced software options
The 6Gb/s MegaRAID controller series is designed to support advanced software options such as enhanced performance and data protection capabilities for white box channel partners. These new software options help end users solve critical business challenges while helping to achieve higher IT investment returns. MegaRAID CacheCache™ Pro 2.0 software and MegaRAID Fast path software can improve the transaction I/O performance of solid-state disk configurations, while MegaRAID Recovery software and MegaRAID SafeStore™ Software can achieve enhanced data protection and security.
Intuitive RAID management utility
MegaRAID Management Suite™ The software provides a basic tool product for managing MegaRAID, whether deployed in enterprises or small businesses. Botong provides a range of applications and tools, including pre boot setup utilities and a comprehensive online RAID management utility. This application allows administrators to adjust the view level of SAS or SATA topology from system hosts, controllers, and disk enclosures to logical and physical drives. These tools can be extended to enterprise deployments to make it easier to configure, monitor, and manage RAID and JBOD volumes locally or through LAN networks.
Specification Description
Model SAS 9286CV-8e MegaRAID Controller
Provided Solution 240-port external SAS solution suitable for performance-intensive applications utilizing up to 240 SAS, SATA, and solid-state drives (SSDs).
Physical Size MD2 Low-profile (6.6" x 2.536")
External Connectors Two Mini SAS SFF8088 external connectors
Device Support Supports up to 240 SAS and/or SATA hard drives and solid-state drives (SSDs)
Host Bus Type x8 channel PCI Express 3.0 compatible
Data Transfer Rate Up to 6Gb/s per port
I/O Processor/SAS Controller LSI SAS 2208 dual-core onboard RAID (ROC)
Cache 1 GB 1333MHz DDR3 memory
Cache Protection MegaRAID CacheVault Flash Cache Protection (included)
Key RAID Data Protection RAID levels 0, 1, 5, and 6; RAID spans 10, 50, and 60; Online Capacity Expansion (OCE); Online RAID Level Migration (RLM); Automatic rebuild and recovery after power loss or system restart (RLM); Single controller multipath (failover); Load balancing; Configurable stripe size up to 1MB; Fast initialization for quick array setup; Consistency check for background data integrity; Solid-state drive (SSD) support with SSD Guard technology; Patrol read for media scanning and repairing; Supports up to 64 logical drives; Disk drive configuration in compliance with DDF standards (COD); S.M.A.R.T support; Global and dedicated hot spare with revertible hot spare support; Automatic rebuild; Enclosure affinity; Emergency SATA hot spare for SAS arrays; Enclosure management with SES (in-band) and SGPIO (sideband)
Operating Temperature Maximum ambient: 55°C (with CacheVault module)
Operating Voltage +3.3V, +12V
Mean Time Between Failures 1,251,284 hours
Warranty 3 years with free advanced technical support and advanced replacement options
Regulatory Certifications EN55022, EN55024, EN60950, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3; FCC Class A, Class B; UL1950; UL; CSA C22.2; VCCI; RRL for moderate income criteria; BSMI; C-tick
Disk Array Management MegaRAID Storage Manager, MegaCLI (command-line interface)
Networking Options Optional SSD optimization with MegaRAID CacheCade Pro 2.0 software, which utilizes solid-state drives (SSDs) in front of hard drive volumes to create high-capacity, high-performance controller cache pools; MegaRAID Fast Path software provides high-performance I/O acceleration for SSD arrays connected to 6Gb/s MegaRAID SATA+SAS controllers
Supported Operating Systems Wide range of support including Microsoft® Windows® Vista/2008/Server 2003, Linux®, Solaris™ (x86), FreeBSD®, VMware®, and more.