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  • M391A1K43DB2-CVF, Samsung DDR4, ECC-UDIMM, 8GB memory module, high performance, stable
  • M391A1K43DB2-CVF, Samsung DDR4, ECC-UDIMM, 8GB memory module, high performance, stable


M391A1K43DB2-CVF, Samsung DDR4, ECC-UDIMM, 8 GB, 1R x 82933-Mbps 1.2V, 288- (1Gx8) x9
Key Features
M391A1K43DB2-CVF is an ECC-UDIMM type DDR4 memory module with a capacity of 8 GB. This memory module adopts a combination mode of 1R x 8, supports a data transfer speed of 2933Mbps, and can operate stably with a voltage of only 1.2V. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of low power consumption and high efficiency, which can provide excellent stability and reliability for your computer system. In addition, the interface of M391A1K43DB2-CVF is 288- (1Gx8) x9, which can quickly and effectively connect to the computer motherboard. If you need a high-quality and high-performance memory module to accelerate your computer system, M391A1K43DB2-CVF is definitely your best choice.


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Samsung M391A1K43DB2-CVF is a high-performance, high-capacity ECC-UDIMM type DDR4 memory module. It has a super large capacity of 8 GB and a combined mode of 1R x 8, combined with a data transfer speed of 2933Mbps and a standard voltage of 1.2V, which can provide better performance for your computer system< Br/>

For users who require high-intensity computing, an excellent memory module is essential, and the emergence of M391A1K43DB2-CVF provides a great choice for such users. This memory module adopts a combination mode of 1R x 8, which means that each memory chip has only one Rank, which can reduce the frequency reduction impact of CHA and improve overall performance. Moreover, its data transmission speed can reach 2933Mbps, which can process large amounts of data more efficiently and quickly, helping to improve work efficiency< Br/>

M391A1K43DB2-CVF uses ECC-UDIMM technology, which means it has higher data processing accuracy and data transmission stability. Moreover, its appearance adopts a metal heat sink reinforced design, which effectively reduces the temperature of the memory module, ensures its stability during long-term operation, and extends its service life< Br/>

In addition, the interface of the M391A1K43DB2-CVF memory module is 288- (1Gx8) x9, which adopts the DDR4 standard 288PIN encapsulation and supports high-speed data transmission, providing better guarantee for fast and efficient data transmission. At the same time, its voltage is the standard 1.2V, supporting low-power design, which not only helps to reduce system energy consumption and heat, but also helps users save more energy costs< Br/>

In general, Samsung M391A1K43DB2-CVF memory module is a very high-quality component, which can improve the performance and stability of the computer system, and it will perform well in high intensity demand scenarios such as Big data processing, workstations, servers and games< Br/>

Therefore, for users who often need to perform a large amount of data processing and high load operations, it is necessary to choose excellent memory modules. The high performance, high capacity, low power consumption, high reliability, and stability of M391A1K43DB2-CVF are undoubtedly a very trustworthy choice.
Parameter Specifications
Brand Samsung
Model M391A1K43DB2-CVF
Capacity 8GB
Combination Mode 1R x 8
Transmission Speed 2933 Mbps
Voltage 1.2V
Interface 288- (1Gx8) x9
Other Characteristics Low Power Consumption, High Efficiency
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