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  • Samsung memory module, DDR5-RDIMM, 64GB memory module, M329R8GA0BB0-CQK
  • Samsung memory module, DDR5-RDIMM, 64GB memory module, M329R8GA0BB0-CQK


M329R8GA0BB0-CQK - Samsung DDR5-RDIMM-64GB-2R x4 (9x4) -4800 Mbps 1.1 V-288- (4G x 4) x 36 (9x4)
Key Features
The manufacturer of this memory module is Samsung, model M329R8GA0BB0-CQK, using DDR5-RDIMM technology. It has a capacity of 64GB and adopts a module construction of 2R x4 (9x4) and a chip layout of (4G x4) x 36 (9x4). The memory module has a transfer rate of up to 4800Mbps, a running voltage of 1.1V, and a physical size of 288, providing excellent performance and stability for large servers. Through this memory module, servers can run faster and smoother, improve office efficiency, and provide excellent responsiveness and stable performance for high load tasks and computationally intensive applications. In addition, the memory module also has excellent heat dissipation performance and low power consumption characteristics, with higher reliability and lifecycle, making it a good choice for enterprise server systems.


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In the field of computer hardware, memory modules are an important component of computer performance and speed. With the continuous progress of technology, each generation of memory modules has achieved innovation in terms of capacity, transmission speed, and characteristics. Among them, DDR5-RDIMM memory modules are widely considered to be one of the most promising types of memory modules in the future. And Samsung M329R8GA0BB0-CQK DDR5-RDIMM memory modules were also introduced under this technological background.

The maximum capacity of the Samsung M329R8GA0BB0-CQK DDR5-RDIMM memory module is 64GB, which can meet the requirements of various computers and provide sufficient storage space to ensure efficient task operation. In addition, its size is 288, which is twice the size of a standard memory module. Although its volume has increased, it can carry more chips, and its larger capacity allows it to meet the requirements of higher performance and computationally intensive tasks.

This memory module adopts a chip layout of 2R x4 (9x4) and (4G x4) x 36 (9x4), which can support a high transmission speed of 4800 Mbps, with faster data read and write speeds and higher transparency. In addition, the optimal voltage of the memory module is 1.1V, making it more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, and running very stable. At the same time, this memory module has higher stability and compatibility compared to other types of memory modules.

In summary, the Samsung M329R8GA0BB0-CQK DDR5-RDIMM memory module focuses on essential requirements such as capacity and transmission speed, while also providing high-quality performance and reliability, making it one of the most popular memory modules in the current market. It is the ideal choice for a new generation of computer memory modules in the next decade, which can help improve computer performance and ensure the stability and reliability of system operation.
Brand Samsung
Model M329R8GA0BB0-CQK
Memory Type DDR5-RDIMM
Capacity 64GB
Storage Channel 2R x 4 (9x4)
Transmission Speed 4800 Mbps
Working Voltage 1.1V
Physical Dimensions 288
Chip Layout (4G x 4) x 36 (9x4)
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