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  • M393A1K43DB1-CVF, Samsung DDR4 RDIMM, 8GB memory module, 1Rx82933-Mbps, 1.2V voltage
  • M393A1K43DB1-CVF, Samsung DDR4 RDIMM, 8GB memory module, 1Rx82933-Mbps, 1.2V voltage


M393A1K43DB1-CVF, Samsung DDR4-RDIMM, 8 GB, 1R x 82933-Mbps1.2V, 288, (1Gx8) x9
Key Features
High speed memory: The frequency of this memory module can reach 2933MHz, making it suitable for processing large, high-speed executing applications. This high-speed memory module can provide excellent performance under various high load conditions. 1R x 8 architecture The 1R x 8 architecture of M393A1K43DB1-CVF is a memory architecture of one side cells, which makes it very different from other Memory module. This architecture makes it easier to configure and upgrade memory modules. Low power consumption: The Memory module can work normally with a low voltage of 1.2V, which is more energy-saving than the traditional DDR3 memory. This optimizes the power consumption and thermal efficiency of the entire system, reduces energy consumption, while maintaining excellent performance and stability. High density capacity: With a memory capacity of up to 8GB, it can easily meet the memory requirements of high-performance, high-bandwidth data centers and large applications. The high-density capacity also allows the memory product to scale to a larger memory capacity, improving system scalability and performance. High reliability: The M393A1K43DB1-CVF memory module adopts ECC technology, which can detect and repair errors in memory, improve memory stability and reliability, and reduce interrupts and errors generated during the calculation process. Wide adaptability: the Memory module can work in a variety of operating environments, including extreme conditions such as high altitude, high temperature, low temperature and high humidity, making it an ideal choice for science, engineering, data and network operations.


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Samsung M393A1K43DB1-CVF is a top-notch DDR4-RDIMM memory module with a capacity of 8GB. It is most suitable for enterprise applications that need high-speed memory and reliability, such as data centers, scientific and engineering applications, as well as virtualization and cloud computing. This memory module uses a 1R x 8 architecture and achieves a high frequency of 2933MHz. To ensure stability, it only requires a low voltage of 1.2V to function properly, while using a 288-pin interface and (1Gx8) x9 pin packaging. This memory module is designed to operate in a wide range of operating environments, including extreme conditions such as temperature, humidity, and high altitude. It has high reliability, strong performance, and durability, providing excellent support for your business applications

The appearance packaging of this memory module is very exquisite, and the design is simple and generous. It is made of high-quality materials and uses all aluminum heat sinks as heat sinks, allowing the entire memory module to operate stably for a long time at higher frequencies. The design of the heat sink adopts an efficient heat dissipation scheme, which can effectively reduce the operating temperature of the memory module, thereby increasing its lifespan and stability

The memory module also has built-in ECC technology, which can provide higher stability and fault tolerance, effectively preventing system and application crashes caused by data validation errors. The embedded ECC technology can automatically detect and correct errors in memory, ensuring that data is safely saved. And the memory module also supports more RAID cards and server motherboards, which can be fully compatible with your existing server application platform

Overall, the outstanding characteristics and high performance of Samsung M393A1K43DB1-CVF memory modules have made it a star product in enterprise applications and have been praised by many industry insiders. If you need a reliable, stable, and high-performance memory module to support your business applications, then this memory module is definitely your best choice. Whether in large-scale data center applications, scientific research or engineering applications, this memory module can provide excellent support to ensure the continuous and stable operation of your business.
Density 8GB
Rank x Organization 1R x 8
Speed 2933 Mbps
Voltage 1.2V
Number of Pins 288
Component Composition (1G x 8) x 9
Production Status Mass Production
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