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  • Samsung DDR4 memory module, M393A2K40DB2-CVF, RDIMM, 16GB, 1Rx42933Mbps, 1.2V.
  • Samsung DDR4 memory module, M393A2K40DB2-CVF, RDIMM, 16GB, 1Rx42933Mbps, 1.2V.


M393A2K40DB2-CVF, Samsung DDR4, RDIMM, 16GB, 1R x 42933 Mbps, 1.2 V, 288, (2Gx4) x18
Key Features
High processing power: The timing of the M393A2K40DB2-CVF memory module is 2933 Mbps, using DDR4 technology, which can provide higher bandwidth and lower latency, greatly improving the system's processing power. Wide compatibility: The M393A2K40DB2-CVF memory module can be widely used in different types of server systems, such as data centers, cloud computing, etc., and supports multi brand server motherboards. At the same time, this memory module can also be mixed with other DDR4 memory modules, making it easy for you to upgrade and expand your system. Lower power consumption: The M393A2K40DB2-CVF memory module uses a 1.2V working voltage, which is more energy-efficient compared to earlier DDR3 memory modules. It not only reduces server power consumption but also helps to extend hardware life. High reliability: The M393A2K40DB2-CVF memory module adopts advanced ECC technology, namely error correction code technology, which can effectively detect and correct error bits in memory, thereby ensuring the accuracy and integrity of data. In addition, the memory module also uses the registration cache technology, which can improve the stability and Signal integrity of the system. Large capacity design: The M393A2K40DB2-CVF memory module has a large capacity design of 16GB, which can meet the memory capacity needs of different users, especially in large-scale application scenarios such as data centers and cloud computing.


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Samsung is one of the world-renowned semiconductor manufacturers, and its memory module products are highly trusted and loved by global users. Today, we will introduce Samsung's innovative DDR4 RDIMM memory module product. The product model is M393A2K40DB2-CVF, with a memory capacity of 16GB, a construction design of 1R x 4, a timing of 2933 Mbps, a working voltage of 1.2V, a 288 interface connection, and a physical arrangement of (2Gx4) x18

Firstly, let's take a look at the technical specifications of the memory module. The M393A2K40DB2-CVF memory module is a memory module that uses DDR4 technology. DDR4 is one of the mainstream memory technologies in the current memory market. Compared to DDR3 memory, it has a higher frequency and lower voltage, which can improve system performance without increasing power consumption and heating. The 2933 Mbps bandwidth of this memory module can provide faster data transfer speed, which can meet application scenarios with high requirements for system performance. And its 1.2V low-voltage design can also reduce energy consumption and ensure system stability

Secondly, the memory capacity of the memory module is 16GB, and the construction design is 1R x 4, which means that each memory particle is divided into 4 columns and 1 row, totaling 4 pieces. This construction mode can provide higher fault tolerance and more stable performance. It also supports ECC (Error Correction Code) and RAS (Reliability, Availability, Serviceability) functions to ensure the security and stability of the system. The physical arrangement is (2Gx4) x18, and each memory particle has a capacity of 2GB, distributed in 18 physical locations

Finally, let's take a look at the application scenario of this memory module. Due to its high performance, high reliability, and low energy consumption, M393A2K40DB2-CVF memory modules are often used in high-performance fields such as large enterprises and cloud computing. For example, internet companies have very high server performance requirements, and server availability is crucial. To meet this performance and reliability requirement, this high-performance memory module is a very ideal choice

In summary, Samsung's M393A2K40DB2-CVF DDR4 RDIMM memory module is a highly innovative and high-performance memory product, widely recognized and sought after by the market due to its advantages of high performance, low energy consumption, high reliability, and low latency. Whether for large enterprises or cloud computing, this memory module is the perfect choice for improving performance and reliability.
Specification Value
Model M393A2K40DB2-CVF
Memory Type RDIMM
Capacity 16GB
Architecture 1R x 4
Transmission Speed 2933 Mbps
Working Voltage 1.2V
Pin Count 288
Number of Chips (2Gx4) x18
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