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  • Samsung DDR4, RDIMM memory module, M393A8G40AB2-CVF, high-speed stability, 64GB, 2R x 42933-Mbps, 1.2V, 288,4Gx4x36.
  • Samsung DDR4, RDIMM memory module, M393A8G40AB2-CVF, high-speed stability, 64GB, 2R x 42933-Mbps, 1.2V, 288,4Gx4x36.


M393A8G40AB2-CVF, Samsung DDR4, RDIMM, 64GB, 2R x 42933-Mbps, 1.2V, 288, (4Gx4) x36
Key Features
1. High memory capacity: The memory capacity of M393A8G40AB2-CVF reaches 64GB, which can support more data processing and storage requirements and is suitable for high-load applications and scenarios.
2. High speed memory: The memory speed of this memory module is 2933Mbps, which can provide stable data transmission and storage performance in the High-performance computing scenario, and improve computing efficiency and application performance.
3. Stability performance: The operating voltage of M393A8G40AB2-CVF is 1.2V, which can ensure the stable performance of the memory chip and reduce data transmission and storage error rates.
4. High reliability: This memory module adopts a 2R x 4 architecture and (4Gx4) x36 memory chip configuration, which can ensure the reliability of data during transmission and storage. At the same time, using RDIMM packaging can also improve the fault tolerance of memory modules.
5. Wide application scenarios: M393A8G40AB2-CVF is applicable to data centers, cloud servers, High-performance computing and other scenarios with high requirements for memory performance, which can improve application and computing efficiency.


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M393A8G40AB2-CVF is a high-quality DDR4 memory module produced by Samsung. As a portable high-speed memory module, its function is self-evident. This product has important features such as 64GB memory space, 2933Mbps transmission speed, low voltage not reaching 1.2V, and the number of 288 pins, which make it an ideal memory choice for various High-performance computing scenarios

This memory module adopts the RDIMM packaging form, consisting of 2R x 4, providing the maximum memory capacity, suitable for application scenarios that require large capacity storage and high-speed transmission. M393A8G40AB2-CVF has efficient processing and transmission speeds, which can improve computational efficiency and application performance

The speed of memory is also one of the highlights of this product, as it can complete a large amount of data transfer in a short time, greatly improving system response speed and operational efficiency. At the same time, this memory module also adopts a low-voltage design, reducing the power consumption of the memory, improving the energy efficiency ratio, and saving users a certain amount of electricity bills

In addition, the chip of this memory module adopts a (4Gx4) x36 configuration, which can provide higher transmission and storage performance to adapt to different application scenarios. This type of memory module is one of the most high-performance memory modules, and its reliability and stability far exceed other memory modules

In summary, M393A8G40AB2-CVF is a high-performance, high-capacity, and highly reliable memory module. It is widely used in High-performance computing scenarios such as data centers, servers, workstations, and so on. It can provide users with fast, stable, and reliable computing and storage support, thus greatly improving users' work efficiency and computing efficiency.
Brand Samsung
Model M393A8G40AB2-CVF
Packaging Form RDIMM
Capacity 64GB
Architecture 2R x 4
Transmission Speed 2933Mbps
Voltage 1.2V
Pin Count 288
Memory Chip (4Gx4) x36
Applicable Equipment Servers, workstations, etc
Characteristic High speed stability, large capacity, low voltage
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