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  • Samsung M393A8G40MB2-CVF, DDR4, RDIMM, 64GB, 2Rx42933Mbps, server memory, high-performance memory, workstation memory, data center memory.
  • Samsung M393A8G40MB2-CVF, DDR4, RDIMM, 64GB, 2Rx42933Mbps, server memory, high-performance memory, workstation memory, data center memory.


M393A8G40MB2-CVF, Samsung DDR4, RDIMM, 64GB, 2Rx42933Mbps1.2V, 288, (4Gx4) x36
Key Features
The memory module model is M393A8G40MB2-CVF, which is a high-performance DDR4 RDIMM memory module produced by Samsung. Its capacity is 64GB, specification is 2Rx4, supported speed is 2933Mbps, voltage is 1.2V, interface size is 288, and internal structure is (4Gx4) x36.
This memory module has the following striking features:
1. High performance: This memory module supports a speed of 2933Mbps, which helps improve the system's running speed and response time.
2. Large capacity: A capacity of 64GB can meet the storage needs of most professional applications and multimedia files.
3. Stability: Through the design of RDIMM, this memory module can achieve higher stability and error correction ability, which helps to prevent data loss and system crashes.
4. Good heat dissipation performance: The memory module adopts high-quality heat dissipation design, which helps to reduce temperature and improve system stability.
5. Excellent compatibility: This memory module is compatible with most servers and workstations, and can perform excellently in various application scenarios.
The above are the main features of this memory module. If you are looking for high-performance and high-capacity memory modules, this product will be a good choice.


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M393A8G40MB2-CVF is a DDR4 RDIMM memory module produced by Samsung, with a capacity of 64GB, a specification of 2Rx4, a supported speed of 2933Mbps, a voltage of 1.2V, an interface size of 288, and an internal structure of (4Gx4) x36. This memory module is made of high quality DRAM chips and has high reliability and stability. It is designed for servers, workstations and other high-performance computers

With the continuous development of various computer applications, the configuration requirements for servers and workstations are also constantly improving. As an important component of servers, the stability and performance of memory modules are particularly important. The M393A8G40MB2-CVF memory module provides excellent stability and operational performance through the use of stable and reliable DRAM chips and advanced manufacturing processes. It is suitable for high computing load environments and application scenarios that require large capacity storage

This memory module uses 32 DRAM chips to complete its internal structure. The capacity of each DRAM chip is 4GB, with a total capacity of 64GB. This memory module adopts a combination of 2Rx4, with each combination containing two transmission paths and four storage paths. This combination approach helps to improve memory bandwidth and efficiency, thereby increasing the running speed of servers and workstations and improving overall performance

This memory module supports the mechanical and electrical interface specifications of the DDR4 standard, and adopts a 288 pin DDR4 UDIMM design. The DRAM chip used adopts efficient 30nm or 20nm process technology, and also supports ECC function, allowing the system to detect and correct errors in memory, thereby improving system reliability

The speed of the M393A8G40MB2-CVF memory module is 2933Mbps, which is a common speed level in DDR4 memory modules. This speed provides a higher transmission rate than the previous DDR3 memory modules, providing a faster and more stable method for data transmission. In addition, the memory module also adopts a working voltage of 1.2V, which is lower than the 1.5V of the DDR3 memory module, further reducing the system's energy consumption and thermal energy release

The heat dissipation performance of this memory module is also very outstanding. It adopts a special heat sink design and heat dissipation protrusions, which can quickly release heat energy to the outside world, maintain the good working condition of the memory module, and reduce the failure rate

In summary, the M393A8G40MB2-CVF memory module is a high-performance, stable, and high-capacity DDR4 RDIMM memory module. It adopts high-quality DRAM chips and advanced manufacturing processes, which can improve the running speed and response time of servers and workstations, and ensure the stability and reliability of the system.
Brand Samsung
Model M393A8G40MB2-CVF
Memory Type DDR4
Memory Capacity 64GB
Architecture 2Rx4
Double Sided/Single Sided Double Sided
Speed 2933Mbps
Voltage 1.2V
Interface Size 288
Internal Structure (4Gx4) x36
CL Value/Delay CL21
ECC Support Supported
Number of Memory Chips 32
Frequency/Timing 2933MHz CL21
Storage Power Supply 1.2V
Cooling Solution Available
Specifications DDR4
Memory Type RDIMM
    No information