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What is the Ping command and how to master the method of learning how to use the Ping command

Date:November 28th,2023 View:125
Enterprise IT technology often encounters network failures in enterprise network maintenance, which usually require the use of network commands for testing and resolution. If you master the following network commands, it can often help technical experts achieve twice the result with half the effort. Please follow our editor to learn and understand< Br/>

1、 Ping command

Ping is a highly frequently used utility primarily used to determine network connectivity< Br/>

Simply put, ping is a testing program. If ping runs correctly, it can generally eliminate faults in network access layers, network cards, input/output lines of modems, cables, and routers, thereby narrowing down the scope of the problem< Br/>

Ping can display the amount of time between sending a request and returning a response in milliseconds. If the response time is short, it means that the datagram does not need to pass through too many routers or networks, and the connection speed is relatively fast< Br/>

1. Command format

Ping host name, ping domain name, and ping IP address. All three formats are acceptable< Br/>

2. The basic application of the ping command

In general, users can use a series of ping commands to find out where the problem lies or to verify the operation of the network< Br/>

Below is a typical detection sequence and corresponding possible faults:

(1) Ping127.0.0.1

If the test is successful, it indicates that the installation of the network card, TCP/IP protocol, IP address, and subnet mask are normal. If the test is not successful, it indicates that there is an issue with the installation or settings of TCP/IP< Br/>

(2) Ping local IP address

If the test is not successful, it indicates that there is a problem with the local configuration or installation, and network devices and communication media should be tested, checked, and eliminated< Br/>

(3) Ping other IPs within the local area network

If the test is successful, it indicates that the network card and carrier in the local network are running correctly. But if 0 feedback responses are received, it indicates that the subnet mask is incorrect, the network card is configured incorrectly, or there is a problem with the cable system< Br/>

(4) Ping gateway IP

If this command responds correctly, it indicates that the gateway router in the local area network is running and able to respond< Br/>

(5) Ping remote IP

If the correct response is received, it indicates that the default gateway has been successfully used. For dial-up internet users, it indicates that they can successfully access the Internet< Br/>

If all the ping commands listed above can run normally, then there is basically no problem for the computer to communicate locally and remotely< Br/>

3. Common parameter options for ping command

PingIP-t: Continuously execute ping commands on IP addresses until interrupted by the user with Ctrl+C< Br/>

PingIP-l2000: Specify a specific data length (in this case, 2000 bytes) in the ping command, instead of the default 32 bytes< Br/>

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