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Seten shares on how to quickly and losslessly split a local disk

Date:December 20th,2023 View:106
How to quickly and losslessly split local disks

To quickly and losslessly split a local disk, you can use the built-in disk management tools on Windows. Here are the specific steps:

1. Open&quo; Disk Management;, Can be found in&quo; Control Panel-& Ldquo; Management Tools-& Ldquo; Computer Management; Found in< Br/>

2. Right click on the disk or partition you want to split, and select&quo; Shrink the volume< Br/>

3. Enter the size of the space that needs to be reduced (in MB), and click&quo; Zoom out< Br/>

4. Unallocated space will appear. Right click on the space and select&quo; Create a new simple volume< Br/>

5. Follow the wizard to perform partition operations, set partition size and file system type, etc< Br/>

After completing the above operations, the local disk can be quickly and losslessly split. It should be noted that splitting disks or partitions may cause data loss, so it is recommended to backup important data in advance< Br/>

How to split a local disk

Splitting a local disk refers to dividing a hard drive into multiple independent areas, each of which can be used to store different types of files or operating systems. The following are the steps to split a local disk:

1. Open&quo; Disk Manager; Application. In the Windows operating system, you can enter&quo; in the search box; Disk Manager; And open the application< Br/>

2. Find the disk that needs to be split. If you have multiple hard drives, you need to find the hard drive you want to split and right-click on it< Br/>

3. Select&quo; Shrink the roll;. In the pop-up menu, select&quo; Shrink Roll; Options. This will allow you to leave space for the shrunken memory< Br/>

4. Select the amount of memory that needs to be shrunk. Next, you need to select the amount of memory that needs to be shrunk in order to leave space for the new partition< Br/>

5. Create a new partition. Right click on the memory that has already been shrunk, and then select&quo; New Simple Volume; Option to create a new partition< Br/>

6. Follow the prompts to complete the partition creation. In the following screen, you will be asked to choose the size, naming, and formatting options for the new partition< Br/>

7. Complete. After completing all the settings and configurations, you can use the new partition to store files and data< Br/>

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