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Seten shares about computer power supply failures and the reasons for computer power supply damage

Date:December 1st,2023 View:145
If the computer always restarts for no reason, you can rule out the cause of the virus and check if there is a problem with the power supply. So how to check the health status of computer power supplies? If the cause of the virus is ruled out, you should focus on whether it is caused by poor heat dissipation of the CPU, graphics card, etc. CPU overheating protection will also automatically restart. It is easy to check the power supply. First, disconnect the host power supply, unplug the power plug connected to the motherboard, and use a thin wire to plug one end into the green wire hole and the other end into any black wire hole. Then connect the power supply. If the fan rotates and there are no other abnormalities, it indicates that the power supply is basically fine< Br/>
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Classification, Phenomena, and Solutions of Some Faults during Host Startup:

1、 No display on startup (divided into display without display and alarm sound), display without display at all

1. To check if the power supply is working, there are three places to check:

(1) Is the cooling fan on the back of the power supply not turning< Br/>

Explanation: If the power supply is broken, its cooling fan will definitely not turn, but it is also possible that the fan itself is broken, so other places should be checked to determine whether the power supply is broken< Br/>

(2) Is the POWER indicator light on the computer host panel not lit< Br/>

Explanation: The LED indicators on the computer host indicate the remote operation of the power supply, hard disk, and floppy disk. If these LED indicators are not on, it is likely that the power supply is not working< Br/>

(3) Can't you hear the sound of the floppy drive, hard drive, or optical drive working during startup< Br/>

Explanation: When starting up, the computer will check these hardware devices. If you cannot hear these sounds, it means that the power is not supplying them at all< Br/>

2. If it is confirmed that the power supply is not working, do not assume that the power supply is broken. You can check the following areas

(1) Check if the main switch has tripped, if the plug is loose, and if an extension cable is used, check if the fuse of the extension cable is blown< Br/>

(2) Is the power supply stopped due to a short circuit in the circuit? Due to the design of the power supply to detect short circuits, it will cut off all power supply on its own when a short circuit is detected in the output circuit, resulting in the power supply not working. This situation can be seen from the operation of the cooling fan. If the power is good and there is a short circuit inside the host, when the power is turned on, the fan will stop and make a sizzling sound. If the switch is turned off for a while, the fan will rotate several times on its own< Br/>

This situation is a typical short circuit phenomenon. To identify the components that caused the short circuit, all DC output connectors from the power supply can be unplugged. If all connectors are unplugged and the short circuit phenomenon disappears, it means that the circuit of a certain component is short circuited. The connectors can be plugged back one by one until the short circuit phenomenon occurs again, which can confirm that the component is damaged and replace it. Please note that the power should be turned off before unplugging and plugging in the connector to avoid burning the computer components< Br/>

3、 Is the DC output of the power supply normal

If all three points mentioned above have been checked and the power supply still does not work, a three meter can be used to measure the DC output of the power supply. If there is no output at all, it indicates that the power supply itself is broken. Replacing the power supply should solve the problem< Br/>

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