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What are the main types of partitions for solid-state drives and their differences

Date:January 8th,2024 View:136
Newly purchased hard drives must be standardized before they can be used to store various information. The most commonly used partition table type is still MBR. Next, we will introduce the characteristics of this partition table type. There are three types of partitions in MBR partition table types: primary partition, extended partition, and logical partition. It should be pointed out that the points in the MBR partition table type are not applicable to the new GPT partition table. The MBR partition mode requires a maximum of 4 primary partitions on the hard drive. The primary partition can be used to install the operating system, or only one of the primary partitions can be set as a floating partition. If all four primary partitions on the hard drive have an operating system installed, the setting of the mobile partition determines which partition to boot the system from. The primary partition set as a floating partition has a boot program (such as NTLDR, bootmgr) for loading the operating system from the hard drive< Br/>

Expand partitions and logical partitions

Due to the fact that the hard drive can only have a maximum of 4 primary partitions, it cannot meet user needs. When users need more partitions, they need to use extended partitions. Extended partitioning is a special type of partition that can be used to establish logical partitions. There is no limit to the number of logical partitions. Users can store data in both primary and logical partitions, but extended partitions cannot directly store data because the purpose of extended partitions is to save logical partitions< Br/>

Partition table

Partition tables are used to retain partition information for primary, extended, and logical partitions on partitioned hard drives. Creating new partitions, deleting partitions, adjusting partition sizes, and so on can all cause changes in partition table information. If the partition is damaged for some reason, some or all areas on the hard drive will be lost< Br/>

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