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Seten Science Popularization: Overview of Solid State Drive SATA Interface Content Introduction

Date:December 11th,2023 View:51
SATA stands for Serial ATA, which stands for Serial ATA. In November 2000,&quo; Serial ATA Working Group” Developed by the group. It is a computer bus primarily used for data transmission between the motherboard and a large number of storage devices (such as hard drives and optical drives). It is named after its serial transmission method and has the advantages of simple structure and support for hot swapping. The SATA bus uses embedded clock frequency signals and has stronger error correction capabilities than before. It can check transmission instructions (not just data) and automatically correct errors if found, improving the reliability of data transmission. The most obvious difference between SATA and the past is the use of thinner ribbon cables, which facilitate air circulation inside the chassis and increase the stability of the entire platform< Br/>


The SATA interface has a simple structure, supports hot swapping, fast transmission speed, and high execution efficiency. A hard drive using SATA (Serial ATA) interface, also known as a serial port hard drive, is currently the mainstream hard drive interface. Most SSDs nowadays use serial hard drives with SATA interfaces. The corresponding serial hard drive is a hard drive that uses the PATA (Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment) interface. PATA hard drives are called parallel ATA hard drives, which use a four core power cord and an 80 core IDE data cable connected to the motherboard to transmit data in parallel and in series. Due to the limitation of parallel transmission, the transmission rate is low, and PATA hard drives do not require secure drivers< Br/>


By adopting a serial connection method, the serial ATA bus uses embedded clock signals and has stronger error correction ability. Compared with the past, its biggest difference is that it can check the transmission instructions (not just data). If errors are found, they will be automatically corrected, which greatly improves the reliability of data transmission< Br/>

At present, three types of bandwidth interfaces have been developed, including SATASATA2SATA3. However, even SATA 3 cannot meet the needs of consumers today, and has shifted towards the development of higher bandwidth M.2 PCIE 4.0 interfaces< Br/>

SATA=1GB/S, actual transmission speed is around 80MB

SATA 2=3GB/S, actual transmission speed is around 280MB/S

SATA 3=6GB/S, actual maximum transmission is around 550MB/S

So based on the above knowledge standards, for most users who simply use it as a storage disk, the bandwidth of SATA3 can already meet most of our daily scenarios< Br/>

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