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Seten shares common switch interfaces

Date:November 25th,2023 View:154
A switch is a widely used network device, and it is an essential device for a local area network with multiple network devices. The interfaces of the switch are very rich. The editor has compiled some materials to share with everyone< Br/>

1. RJ-45 interface

The RJ-45 interface is currently the most common network device interface, commonly known as& Quota; Crystal Head; Quota;, Belongs to the twisted pair Ethernet interface type. The RJ-45 plug can only be inserted in a fixed direction and is equipped with a plastic spring to lock in the RJ-45 slot to prevent it from falling off< Br/>

The RJ-45 interface can be used in 10Base-T Ethernet, 100Base-TX Ethernet, and 1000Base-TX Ethernet. The transmission medium is all twisted pair, but there are different requirements for the medium depending on the bandwidth. Especially when connecting to 1000Base-TX Gigabit Ethernet, at least Category 5 cables should be used, and Category 6 cables should be used to ensure stable high-speed< Br/>

2. SC fiber optic interface

There are many types of fiber optic interfaces, and SC fiber optic interfaces are mainly used in local network switching environments. This type of interface is provided on some high-performance gigabit switches and routers. It looks very similar to the RJ-45 interface, but the SC interface appears flatter. The obvious difference is the contacts inside. If it is 8 thin copper contacts, it is the RJ-45 interface, and if it is a copper pillar, it is the SC fiber optic interface< Br/>

3. AUI interface

The AUI interface is a type of& Quota; D& Quota; The Type 15 pin interface, previously used in token ring or bus networks, can be connected to 10Base-T Ethernet networks using an external transceiver (AUI-to-RJ-45)< Br/>

4. FDDI interface

FDDI is currently the highest transmission rate among mature LAN technologies, with the characteristics of a timed token protocol, supporting multiple topologies, and using fiber optic as the transmission medium< Br/>

Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) is a set of protocols developed by the National Organization for Standardization (ANSI) in the United States for transmitting digital signals on optical cables. FDDI uses a dual ring token, with a transmission rate of up to 100Mbps< Br/>

CCDI is a variant of FDDI, which uses twisted pair copper cables as the transmission medium and typically has a data transmission rate of 100Mbps< Br/>

FDDI-2 is an extension protocol of FDDI that supports voice, video, and data transmission. It is another variant of FDDI called FDDI Full Duplex Technology (FFDT), which uses the same network structure as FDDI but can reach a transmission rate of up to 200Mbps< Br/>

Due to the advantages of large capacity, long transmission distance, and strong anti-interference ability of using optical fiber as a transmission medium, it is commonly used in backbone networks of urban area networks, campus environments, and multi building networks. Therefore, FDDI interfaces are more common on network backbone switches. With the popularization of gigabit, some high-end gigabit switches have also begun to use this interface< Br/>

5. Console interface

The Console interface is used to configure switches and is only available for managed switches. But not all network managed switches are available, as there are various configuration methods for switches, such as Telnet command line, web, TFTP, etc. Although the basic configuration of the switch must pass through the Console port, some brands of switches have their basic configuration already configured at the factory and do not require basic configurations such as IP address and basic username. Usually, advanced configuration can be achieved through simple Telnet or Java program web methods< Br/>

Of course, there are also some switches that provide a Console interface, but it should be noted that the Console port used for switch configuration is not the same for all switches. Some use the same RJ-45 type Console interface as Cisco routers, while others use a serial port as the Console interface< Br/>

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