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Seten: Why does the server use a four port network card?

Date:December 13th,2023 View:117
In order for the server to effectively handle large amounts of traffic, it requires multiple components, one of which is the Network Interface Card (NIC). Especially for servers, high-performance network cards are essential. Among many options, a four port network card has become a popular choice for servers. They have many advantages and functions. This article will delve into why servers use four port network cards and provide examples. Firstly, the four port network card increases the number of connections that the server can support. In scenarios such as data centers that require multiple devices to connect to the same network, a four port network card is essential. It can handle four times the number of connections as a single port network card, so a four port network card can handle a large amount of traffic, ensuring that the server can efficiently perform its functions< Br/>

Secondly, the four port network card can support link aggregation, merging multiple physical links into one logical link. This can not only improve performance and redundancy, as traffic can be distributed across physical links, but also seamlessly transfer to the remaining links in the event of link failures. Through link aggregation, a four port network card can provide four times the throughput of a single port network card< Br/>

Another advantage of a four port network card is that it can achieve better load balancing. By using multiple ports, the NIC can allocate incoming traffic to all available ports, ensuring even load distribution. This improves performance as a single port does not become a bottleneck. In addition, the NIC can detect faulty links and route traffic through the remaining working ports, ensuring that the network remains available even if one or more ports fail. In addition to the above advantages, the four port network card can also provide advanced network management functions, such as VLAN tagging, QoS, and network monitoring. VLAN tagging allows NIC to partition the network into virtual LANs, providing enhanced security and flexibility. QoS ensures that critical traffic such as voice and video takes priority over other traffic, thus ensuring the smooth operation of the network. The network monitoring function enables NIC to monitor network traffic and generate alerts when anomalies occur, making troubleshooting and maintenance easier< Br/>

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