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Introduction to the Development History of Hard Drives

Date:November 14th,2023 View:78
Hard drives, also known as storage devices. It is an indispensable thing for digital products in today's era. Mobile phones, computers, cameras, servers, and anything that needs to store data cannot do without the existence of hard drives. Hard drives can be divided into two types: mechanical hard drives and solid-state hard drives. For a long time, mechanical hard drives have been indispensable to a computer. In recent years, with the breakthrough of solid-state hard drive technology, more and more people have chosen to use solid-state hard drives for installation, and mechanical hard drives are only used as auxiliary storage devices. Why do all laptops use solid-state drives? What are the advantages of solid-state drives compared to mechanical drives? What experiences will these places affect us?
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History of Hard Disk Development

The beginning of the history of hard drives naturally belongs to mechanical hard drives. As early as 1956, the world's first hard drive, the IBM RAMAC 350, was born< Br/>

Compared to modern hard drives, this thing is definitely a behemoth, as big as two refrigerators and weighing over a ton, but with a capacity of only 5MB. Its emergence marked the abandonment of primitive storage tools such as perforated paper tape and magnetic tape by computers, and officially entered the era of hard drives. In the 1980s, the volume of hard drives was already comparable to today< Br/>

In 1988, Greenberg and Fell discovered the giant magnetoresistance effect, which led to the rapid development of mechanical hard drives, resulting in significant improvements in speed and capacity, and the rapid popularization of mechanical hard drives. At the same time, the emergence of solid-state drives also emerged, but at this time, solid-state drives were stacked using memory. It was not until the eve of the 21st century that some manufacturers began to use flash memory instead of memory to manufacture solid-state drives. Compared to memory, flash memory can achieve data loss after power failure< Br/>

After 2011, Thailand, the largest manufacturer of mechanical hard disk accessories, experienced a natural disaster, causing prices to skyrocket, which ushered in the takeoff of the solid-state drive industry< Br/>

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