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Seten teaches you how to create and format a hard drive partition tutorial

Date:December 8th,2023 View:42
This tutorial will guide you on how to create and format hard disk partitions for better management and utilization of your hard disk space< Br/>

Step 1: Backup data

Before partitioning, it is strongly recommended that you back up all data on your hard drive. Partitioning will erase some of the data on the hard drive, so please ensure that you do not accidentally delete important files< Br/>

Step 2: Open the disk management tool

In Windows, open&quo; Disk Management; The method of the tool is:

-Open&quo; Control Panel< Br/>

-Click on&quo; Management Tools< Br/>

-Click on&quo; Computer Management< Br/>

-Select&quo; Disk Management< Br/>

You can also right-click on&quo; My Computer; Or&quo; This computer;, Select&quo; Management;, Then select&quo; Disk Management< Br/>

Step 3: Select the hard drive to partition

In the disk management tool, you will see all the hard drives and partitions connected to the computer. Find the hard drive you want to partition and right-click to select&quo; Create a new simple volume< Br/>

Step 4: Allocate partition size

Next, you need to allocate partition size. Partition sizes can be allocated according to default values or changed. Subsequently, the system will create a new partition for you and represent it as a new volume< Br/>

Step 5: Select file system

After creating a new partition, you need to select a file system. Windows supports two file systems: NTFS and FAT32. NTFS is more suitable for larger hard drives, while FAT32 is more suitable for smaller hard drives. If you are unsure which file system to choose, please choose NTFS< Br/>

Step 6: Format new partition

Next, you need to format on the new partition. Place the mouse over the new partition and select&quo; from the menu that appears; Format;. Follow the prompts and wait for the formatting to complete< Br/>

After completing the above operations, you have successfully created and formatted the hard disk partition. Now you can better manage and utilize your hard drive space< Br/>

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