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How to install a desktop computer memory module and which eight steps are required

Date:December 7th,2023 View:121
Desktop computer memory module installation method:

1. First, you need to open the computer host and remove the two screws on the back cover to remove it directly< Br/>

2. Then we need to prepare the memory module, which needs to match the slot of the computer. Buy the memory according to your own motherboard, otherwise you won't be able to install it. Generally, it's DDR3 now, but you still need to check it yourself< Br/>

3. After removing the back cover of the computer, find the slot for your memory, which is usually next to the CPU and can accommodate up to 4 memory modules< Br/>

4. When inserting a memory module, you can see two types of slots, black and yellow. If you insert two, you need to insert them on top of the same color. If you insert multiple memory modules, it's okay< Br/>

5. When inserting a memory strip, first break the two ends of the strip outward< Br/>

6. Afterwards, align the gap in the middle of the memory module with the protruding slot and insert it< Br/>

7. Then hold down both ends of the memory module with your fingers and press down slightly. With a click, insert the memory module< Br/>

8. Sometimes when the computer is used for a long time, there may not be a loud click. We need to check whether it is aligned and inserted, and close the two ends of the mask. We will then install the memory module and pay attention to keeping the inside of the host clean to avoid affecting the performance of the memory module< Br/>

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