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DDR5 Memory Introduction and Performance Analysis

Date:November 15th,2023 View:120
DDR5 is a computer memory specification. Compared to DDR4 memory, DDR5 standard has stronger performance and lower power consumption. Other changes include a decrease in voltage from 1.2V to 1.1V, with 32/40 bits per channel (ECC), improved bus efficiency, and an increase in the number of pre fetched Bank Groups to improve performance. There is no officially supported platform for DDR5 memory yet, and AMD is expected to replace slots on the Zen4 processor in 2021 to support DDR5 memory. However, Intel's 14nm and 10nm processors have not explicitly provided DDR5 memory support. The official roadmap shows that the 7nm Sapphire Rapids processor will only be available on DDR5 in 2021, and it is the first server product. Consumer grade estimates will have to wait< Br/>
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Since the second half of last year, mobile phones using LPDDR5 memory have been released one after another. Although the DDR5 memory used for computers is not the same as the LPDDR5 used for mobile phones, it has also made many DIY players look forward to the arrival of DDR5 memory, so it really came today< Br/>

The JEDEC Solid State Technology Association initially planned to release the final specification for DDR5 SDRAM in 2018, but it was clear that the vote had been skipped. Two years later, the new specifications were officially announced, and major memory manufacturers have also stated that memory products based on the new specifications can be mass-produced as soon as this year, but they will initially be used on servers, and later on in home PCs and other devices< Br/>

This new standard mainly improves memory density and frequency, with a maximum speed of 6.4Gbps, a single LRDIMM capacity of 2TB, and a maximum UDIMM capacity of 128GB< Br/>

LRDIMMs are Load Reduced DIMMs, which refer to the use of new technologies and lower operating voltages to reduce server memory bus load and power consumption, and enable the server bus to support larger memory capacity and operating frequencies< Br/>

UDIMM is either Unbuffered Dual In Line Memory Modules or Unregistered Dual In Line Memory Modules, and is an unbuffered dual channel memory module< Br/>

The single DIMM of DDR5 is also divided into two channels, which can achieve twice the rated transmission speed of DDR4 and double the effective bandwidth with the same core speed< Br/>

In terms of capacity, the maximum density of a single memory chip in DDR5 can reach 64Gbit, compared to 16Gbit in DDR4. In terms of memory bandwidth, DDR5 is expected to reach 4.8Gbps, twice that of DDR4, and the total transmission bandwidth will increase by 38%, with a maximum of 8400MHz< Br/>

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