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M. What is the impact of high temperature on solid-state drives? Will it affect speed?

Date:November 16th,2023 View:73
With M.2 NVMe solid-state drives becoming increasingly affordable and gradually replacing SATA solid-state drives, installation has now become almost standard. As is well known, the biggest advantage of M.2 NVMe solid-state drives is undoubtedly their strong performance and smaller size, but it is precisely this advantage that also leads to the problem of heat accumulation. Do M.2 solid-state drives require heat dissipation fins? M. Is the cooling effect of installing a cooling vest on 2 SSDs significant?
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If the temperature of the solid-state drive is too high, it may cause speed loss, even disk loss, system jamming, or directly cause a blue screen phenomenon. Therefore, high temperatures will definitely seriously affect the speed of the solid-state drive< Br/>

In fact, the speed loss of the SSD triggers the overheat protection mechanism, which is equivalent to the fact that the notebook CPU temperature is too high and will automatically reduce the frequency. The computer will suddenly become too laggy to avoid hardware damage caused by excessive temperature. The manufacturer has designed an overheating protection mechanism for the heating problem of solid-state drives. The sensor will transmit the monitored temperature in real-time to the main control, and some data can be fed back to the system through SMART. As for whether the temperature is too high, the main control can judge. Solid state manufacturers can set a critical temperature in the firmware. Of course, different brands of solid-state drives also have different critical temperatures for overheating protection, some of which are 75 degrees, So when the solid-state drive exceeds 75 degrees Celsius, it will experience a speed drop problem. Some settings have a critical temperature of 80 degrees Celsius, which will trigger the temperature threshold to reduce performance in exchange for low temperature< Br/>

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