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Seten sharing: How to clean up space when the computer's C drive is full

Date:December 15th,2023 View:142
How to clean up the insufficient space on the computer's C drive

1. Delete temporary files: Search for% temp% on the computer and empty the folder< Br/>

2. Empty Recycle Bin: Right click on the Recycle Bin and click&quo; Empty Recycle Bin< Br/>

3. Delete unnecessary programs and files: uninstall unused programs, delete unnecessary files, compress unnecessary files, etc< Br/>

4. Use disk cleaning tools: Windows comes with a disk cleaning tool that can clean up useless files such as temporary files and logs, reducing disk space usage< Br/>

5. Turn off sleep function: Turn off sleep function to release the disk space occupied by sleep files< Br/>

6. Modify system restore settings: Reduce the number of saved system restore points or turn off the system restore function to save space< Br/>

How to clean up space when the computer's C drive is full?

Here are some methods to clean up C drive space:

1. Delete unnecessary files and programs: Clean up files and programs that are no longer needed and remove them from the&quo; Recycle Bin; Completely delete to save space< Br/>

2. Cleaning temporary files and cache: In&quo; Run; Enter&quo;% in the middle Temp%” Access the temporary folder on the Windows system and delete all files within it. Cache and history can also be cleared in web browsers< Br/>

3. Remove large files: Using Windows Explorer, locate the largest file and delete it< Br/>

4. Uninstall infrequently used programs: Open&quo; Control Panel; &quo; in; Programs and Features;, Uninstall infrequently used programs< Br/>

5. Disable sleep: disabling sleep function can clear up a large amount of space. In&quo; Command Prompt” Enter&quo; in the middle; Powercfg - h off”, Just disable the sleep function< Br/>

6. Compress files: For infrequently used files, file compression software can be used to compress them to save space< Br/>

7. Moving files: Moving some large files and programs to other hard drives or external hard drives can free up some space< Br/>

Please note that before deleting and cleaning files, make sure to back up your important files and operate with caution< Br/>

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