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Seten: Can solid-state drives recover data after formatting

Date:December 16th,2023 View:124
Usually, data can be recovered from a formatted SSD, but this depends on the type of formatting. When quickly formatting, data may still be saved in unused space on the disk, so data recovery software can be used to recover it. But if fully formatted, the data is likely to be overwritten. At this point, the data becomes difficult or even impossible to recover. Therefore, it is necessary to backup important data to avoid accidental data loss< Br/>

Mobile hard drive cannot be formatted

There are several common reasons and solutions that may cause portable hard drives to fail to format:

1. Hardware failure: If the portable hard drive is damaged or other hardware failures occur, it may cause formatting to fail. In this case, it is best to contact the manufacturer or a professional data recovery company< Br/>

2. Software failure: Sometimes, improper use or system crashes may cause file system damage, making it impossible to format. In this case, you can use the&quo; built-in to the Windows operating system; Disk Check and Repair; Use tools to repair the file system and attempt to reformat it< Br/>

3. Protection status: Some portable hard drives may have a read/write protection switch, and if this switch is not set correctly, it cannot be formatted. You can try checking the protection switch on the portable hard drive and turning it off< Br/>

4. Abnormal partition structure: If there is an abnormality in the partition table or partition structure, it may also result in the inability to format. In this case, you can try using third-party disk partitioning software for repair< Br/>

5. Damaged disk drive: If the drive used for the portable hard drive is damaged, it is also possible that it cannot be formatted. In this case, you can try replacing the drive or finding a suitable driver< Br/>

Solution to the inability to format mobile hard drives

1. Check if the data cable and power cable are connected properly to ensure a stable connection between the computer and the portable hard drive< Br/>

2. Use disk management tools to format, right-click on&quo; Computers; Or&quo; My Computer;, Then select&quo; Management& Gt& Ldquo; Disk Management;, Right click on the target mobile hard drive and select&quo; Format;, Follow the prompts again to complete the operation< Br/>

3. Try using command line processing, open a command line window, and enter&quo; Format - f H:” (where H is the drive letter of the portable hard drive), then press the enter key and follow the prompts to perform the operation< Br/>

4. Use third-party formatting tools for processing, such as EaseUS Partition Master, DiskGenius, and other tools to partition and format portable hard drives< Br/>

If no solution can be found, it may be caused by a hardware malfunction of the portable hard drive, and it is necessary to seek a solution from the after-sales service center< Br/>

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