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What is the U2 interface of the solid-state drive shared by Seten?

Date:December 22nd,2023 View:204
In order to meet the user's pursuit of maximum transmission speed, the interface performance of SATA3.0 has encountered a bottleneck. So manufacturers such as Supermicro, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and Huaqing successively announced their support for U2 and showcased new U2 data cables and U2-M.2 converters. Especially in May this year, major manufacturers launched X99 high-speed gaming motherboards, which emphasized the U2 interface. Many people may know what M.2 is, and then a U.2 interface emerges, which is another one; Divine level; What about hardware technology< Br/>

U. 2 Interface Introduction

U. The 2-interface, also known as SFF-8639, is an interface specification introduced by the SSD Form Factor Work Group. U. Not only can 2 support the SATA-Express specification, but it can also be compatible with specifications such as SAS and SATA. U. The biggest feature of the 2-interface is its high speed, low latency, and low power consumption. It supports the NVMe standard protocol and runs the PCI-E 3.0 x4 channel, with a theoretical transmission speed of up to 32Gbps. However, SATA is only a small 6Gbps, which is more than 5 times faster than SATA< Br/>

In addition, it also supports 6GB bandwidth via SATA channel, just like the M.2 interface, so it has the same functionality as the M.2 interface, excluding appearance< Br/>

U. 2 Interface Application Scenarios

The most important reasons why such a good thing is so rare in the market are as follows:< Br/>

There are few motherboards that support the U2 interface, and the price is not affordable enough. There are few companies participating in the promotion of U2, and now the most recommended aspect is only the good aspects of INTEL

With the emergence of solid-state drive controllers that support NVME in recent years, more and more solid-state drive manufacturers have made the development of NVME storage devices a top priority. With the cooperation of controllers and FLASH particle vendors, the market share of SATA will sharply decrease in the future, as the new controllers no longer support MLC, and MLC particles are also continuously reducing production. So it can be concluded that NVME storage devices will definitely replace SATA products< Br/>

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