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The difference between cheap solid-state drives and expensive solid-state drives

Date:December 27th,2023 View:127
At present, the mainstream hard drives in the market are mainly divided into solid-state drives and mechanical hard drives. Nowadays, solid-state drives are generally the preferred choice, while mechanical hard drives are often used as storage disks. Compared to mechanical hard drives, solid-state drives have higher read and write speeds. It is still very obvious and allows us to truly feel the experience of speed. For example, if the system is installed in a solid-state drive, it is obvious that the computer's startup speed is much faster. It usually takes about ten seconds to complete the startup. Moreover, installing games and software on solid-state drives can greatly shorten loading time and improve liquidity. Therefore, solid-state drives are the preferred choice for new installations or hardware upgrades. So why is there such a big price difference for solid-state drives?
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The difference between cheap solid-state drives and expensive solid-state drives

1. SSD brand differences

Why is there such a big price difference for SSDs? I believe the first thing that comes to mind for everyone is the difference between SSD brands. Brands do indeed affect the pricing of products. A good brand may indeed be more expensive, but a good brand will be even more expensive. It also makes sense, mainly because the product materials are relatively good, the quality control is excellent, the repair rate is low, and the after-sales service is also relatively complete. However, there may be issues with quality control, main control, and particle selection in third line and unknown solid-state products. There may also be impurities, black and white defective particles, and even particles with marks after refurbishment and polishing. The quality cannot be guaranteed, and the repair rate is high< Br/>

2. Differences in flash memory particles

When purchasing solid-state drives, we may find that there is a significant price difference between solid-state drives of the same brand, capacity, and interface. This may lead to differences in flash memory particles. Taking Samsung 860EVO and Samsung 860QVO, two solid-state drives with SATA interfaces, as an example. If you don't delve deeper, you may only notice color differences, but in reality, there are differences in granularity. The Samsung 860EVO uses mainstream TLC particles, while the Samsung 860QVO uses QLC particles with a capacity of 1TB. Due to particle reasons, the difference between the two is nearly 400 yuan. The significant price difference, including the solid state prices of Intel760P and 660PM. 2, is also due to the differences in particles< Br/>

3. Interface differences and protocol differences

Currently, there are two mainstream interfaces for solid-state drives in the market: SATA3.0 and M.2. The SATA3.0 interface for solid-state drives and mechanical drives is the same. We know that the maximum transmission speed of the SATA3.0 channel is 6Gbps, and the actual maximum speed is 560MB/s. This also means that the development of SATA3.0 interface solid-state drives in the market has encountered a performance bottleneck! So there was the solid-state M.2NVME protocol, which adopted the PEI-E channel, resulting in a larger bandwidth and a significant improvement in performance< Br/>

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