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What is a switch and its usage method introduction

Date:December 30th,2023 View:130
A switch is a network device used for forwarding electrical/optical signals, which can provide an exclusive electrical signal path for any two network nodes connected to the switch. How to use switches correctly? Editor Seten will introduce you to the correct usage of switches.
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How to use switches correctly< Br/>

1、 Dual machine direct connection. One of the computers is connected to ADSLModem and then directly connected to the other computer. To use this method, it is necessary to set up an internet proxy on the shared broadband access, such as installing proxy software such as Wingate to achieve dual machine shared internet access< Br/>

2、 Switch+network card+computer. If ADSLModem comes with broadband routing function, you need to refer to the product manual to save the router. It is very convenient to connect without the need for settings. The connection method is to use twisted pair cable to connect the LAN port of ADSLModem to any port of the switch, and then separate the computers and connect them to the remaining ports of the switch< Br/>

3、 Broadband router+switch+network card+computer. This connection method is suitable for situations where the shared computer is larger than the broadband router exchange port. This requires the use of switches and the selection of switches for the corresponding ports based on the number of shared computers. This means that all shared computers are first connected to a switch, and then connected to a broadband router using the switch to achieve shared internet access< Br/>

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