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Which slot should the computer memory module be inserted into? How to do it

Date:December 7th,2023 View:134
The rules for inserting memory modules are as follows:

1. If there is only one memory, it can be inserted freely< Br/>

2. If there are two memories, plug them into the same colored slot. The maximum number of laptops is two, which can be easily inserted. Because there are only two< Br/>

3. If there are three memory cards, two of the same brand, batch, and capacity, inserted in the same color, and the other card can be inserted freely< Br/>

Related information:

Build dual channel memory

Dual channel, increasing the potential bandwidth of memory without increasing the clock frequency of the memory. The bandwidth speed after setup does not mean that dual channels equals double bandwidth. In individual configurations, it can achieve a 5% -10% improvement, with a maximum advantage performance of 15%< Br/>

The motherboard should support dual channels by inserting two memory modules of the same brand and specification into the same colored slot. The main version that generally supports dual channels has four slots. After building dual channel memory, the memory bit width can be doubled, reaching 128bt, greatly improving memory performance and faster memory read and write speeds< Br/>

However, dual channel memory has very high requirements for memory modules, and even memory modules of the same brand, specification, and particle may experience incompatibility, blue screen, or crash. It is best to purchase two memory modules packaged together to form a dual channel, but the price is relatively high< Br/>

Overall, building dual channel memory is based on memory slots of the same color, and there are also interlaced slots. Overall, it is sufficient to determine the same color slot< Br/>

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