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What are the main advantages of enterprise level hard drives reflected in

Date:November 11th,2023 View:116
Data storage is divided into enterprise level hard drives and ordinary level hard drives based on the storage content. Enterprise level hard drives are mainly produced for enterprises to meet their needs, while ordinary hard drives are mainly to meet the needs of individual users. Enterprise level hard drives and ordinary hard drives have many differences due to different purposes. Today, we will introduce the advantages of enterprise level hard drives.
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Simply put, the main difference between the two is" Lifetime”, The basic standard for measuring the lifespan of a hard drive is its performance; Power on time”. The lifespan of enterprise level hard drives is more than twice that of ordinary civilian hard drives< Br/>

2. Storage type. The manufacturing process and materials of the hard drive motor, magnetic head, magnetic head arm, and other components of enterprise level hard drives are different from ordinary hard drives, especially the motor, which adopts high durability and long lifespan motors.

In order to adapt to the possible 24 * 365 day non shutdown state in enterprises. And more resistant; Falling;, Some have also set multiple fuses for overload to prevent damage to disk data during short circuits< Br/>

3. Energy efficient. Due to the emergence of solid-state drives nowadays, there are not many energy-efficient enterprise hard drives. The standard hard drive has a speed of 7500 rpm and a cache of 8-32M, while the fast enterprise hard drive can reach a speed of 10000 rpm.

64M cache. If RAID is added, the speed is not as fast as usual. However, this type of hard drive is threatened by current SSDs, as ordinary SSDs are already equivalent to the speed of two RAID0 high-speed hard drives< Br/>

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