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What is hard disk storage and an introduction to hard disk partitioning methods

Date:November 10th,2023 View:76 Tags:Hard disk storage
Disk storage is a computer science term that refers to a storage method using a hard disk as the storage medium. A hard disk is a data storage device that uses magnetic media, and data is stored on several disks sealed in a clean hard disk drive cavity. These disks are generally formed by coating magnetic media on the surface of the disk base. On each side of the disk, several concentric circles centered around the axis of rotation and spaced at a certain magnetic density are divided into tracks. Each track is then divided into several sectors, and data is stored on the hard disk according to the sectors.
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After powering on, the hard disk maintains high-speed rotation, and the magnetic head located on the magnetic head arm is suspended on the surface of the disk. It can be moved between different cylinders through a stepper motor to read and write to different cylinders. So during power on, if the hard disk is subjected to severe oscillations, the surface of the disk is prone to scratches, and the magnetic head is also prone to damage, which will have catastrophic consequences for the data stored on the disk< Br/>

Hard disk partition method

We usually talk about three types of partition concepts: primary partition, extended partition, and logical partition< Br/>

Primary partition

The primary partition is a relatively simple partition, usually located in the frontmost area of the hard drive, forming a logical C disk. In the primary partition, it is not allowed to create other logical drives< Br/>

Expand partitions

The concept of extended partitions is relatively complex and is also the main reason for confusion between partitions and logical drives. Due to the fact that the hard disk only reserves 64 bytes of storage space for the partition table, and the parameters of each partition occupy 16 bytes, a total of 4 partitions of data can be stored in the main boot sector. The operating system only allows data to be stored in four partitions. If a logical drive is a partition, the system only allows a maximum of four logical drives. For specific applications, four logical drives often cannot meet actual needs. In order to establish more logical drives for the operating system to use, the system introduced the concept of extended partitions< Br/>

The so-called extended partition, strictly speaking, is not a practical partition, it is only a pointer to the next partition, and this pointer structure will form a one-way linked list. In this way, in addition to the primary partition, only one partition data called an extended partition needs to be stored in the main boot sector. By using the data from this extended partition, the starting position of the next partition (actually the next logical disk) can be found, and so on to find all partitions. No matter how many logical disks are established in the system, each logical disk can be found one by one in the main boot sector through the parameters of an extended partition< Br/>

It should be noted that since the partitions after the primary partition are linked through a one-way linked list structure, if there is a problem with the one-way linked list, it will result in the loss of the logical disk< Br/>

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