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What are the four functions of a hardware firewall

Date:November 17th,2023 View:132
The existence of hackers poses a threat to the invisibility of netizens and the security of the internet. Enterprises are increasingly paying attention to network security issues and using various antivirus software to prevent hacker attacks. Hardware firewalls are the first line of defense in network security. Let's take a look at the functions of hardware firewalls< Br/>

1. Packet filtering

According to the definition of a firewall, any effective way to prevent illegal network connections is considered a firewall. Early firewalls generally used set conditions to monitor the characteristics of passed packets to determine whether to release or block them, and packet filtering was an important feature. Although there have been many new concepts proposed in the development of firewall technology, packet filtering is still a very important part, just like the basic function of fast packet forwarding in a four layer switch. Through packet filtering, firewalls can block attacks, prohibit external/internal access to certain sites, and limit the traffic and number of connections per IP< Br/>

2. Transparent forwarding of packets

Firewalls are generally installed in front of servers that provide certain services, represented by a schematic diagram as Server& Flash; FireWall& Flash; Guest. Both user requests for server access and information feedback from the server to users need to be forwarded through firewalls, so many firewalls have the ability to act as gateways< Br/>

3. Block external attacks

If the user sends information that is not allowed by the firewall settings, the firewall will immediately block it to prevent it from entering the server behind the firewall< Br/>

4. Record attacks

Firewalls can record all attack behaviors, but for efficiency reasons, it is generally done by IDS to record attacks< Br/>

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